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18 Measurement Insights from PR’s Top Minds

Anyone who has worked in PR for more than a week knows the importance of goal setting, qualitative and quantitative metrics and predictive analytics.

Despite understanding measurement’s importance and myriad benefits, many PR pros don’t do it because gathering and interpreting data can seem overwhelming.

No Skills - Social Media PR Measurement

As part of AMEC’s worldwide Measurement Week campaign, Cision and Vocus set out to show that measurement doesn’t have to be intimidating. Its weeklong speaker series in Times Square featured industry visionaries like Mark Schaefer, Peter Shankman, NPR’s analytics team and many more providing tips, strategies and blueprints for measurement success.

If you couldn’t make it to Midtown Manhattan (or just want a refresher), find some of the top insights from each of the nine sessions below.

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Perspectives on Social Media’s Value

Mark Schaefer

Mark Schaefer - Social Media - PR Measurement Week

Spreadsheets can’t do everything – Many of the results social PR provides is qualitative. That doesn’t mean you don’t have to measure it. You need to find out how to showcase these results.

Consider relevance – “To survive, we need to be thinking of how we’re going to be showing up in the digital workspace,” Mark says. The bottom line isn’t always where you should look. If you don’t look to upcoming trends, it could make you irrelevant.

The State of PR Measurement

Peter Himler, Shonali Burke, Heidi Sullivan, Chris Penn and Sharam Fouladgar-Mercer

PR Measurement Insights - Panel

K.I.S.S. – Complicated metrics can provide amazing insights, but they’re not essential. Understand what you want to achieve and determine how the numbers relate to that.

Measure your audience – If you can’t draw new users, you’re in trouble. If you provide an experience that doesn’t entice people to return, you can’t build loyalty. The audience you generate needs to have a monetary value to your communications efforts.

Nail Customer Loyalty: The Metrics That Matter

Peter Shankman

Peter Shankman - PR Measurement Insights

Be relevant – PR pros have never had more information, but they refuse to use it. Listen to your customers and use their ideas to create better experiences for your audience and build loyalty among your audience.

Brand everything – Whether it’s an infographic, video, white paper or blog post, brand everything you do. Branding your content will help you more easily track what’s impacting your data.

Students Who Can’t Fail

Matt Poulton

Matt Poulton - PR Measurement Insights

Identify barriers to entry – Predictive analytics can help you identify the people who are most likely to convert, but not all leads are equal. Some can be shipped right to sales, others need nurturing.

Look outside your system – Whether you like it or not, people interact with more than your brand. Scour the web to find what your target audience is talking about and collect as much data as you can. It can provide insights into what needs your customers and prospects have had neglected.

Social Media in a Regulated Industry

Laura A. Grover

Laura A Grover - PR Measurement Insights

Create benchmarks – Brands in a regulated industry cannot benchmark against a non-regulated business because it’s not accurate. The need for benchmarks is crucial, though. If in a regulated industry, benchmark against another regulated industry or against yourself.

Understand your target audience – Creating a matrix can help you identify the right content and channels to use. Create personas and identify where they consume content, what they consume and how they do so.

“Once you know where they are, you can validate and track,” Laura says. “It arms you with information about what people want.”

A PR Measurement Formula Doesn’t Exist

K.C. Brown

K.C. Brown - Measurement Week - PR Measurement Insights

Set goals – Measurement requires the right goals, sound analysis and delivery to the right audience. If you lack goals at the beginning, undermines the effectiveness of your analysis at the end.

Forget AVEs – AVEs are inaccurate and can’t be relied upon. The truth is there is no universal formula. What works for your competitor may not work for you. You need a formula that works for your unique needs.

Agency Panels: Why Measurement Matters for PR

–        Heidi Sullivan, Allyson Hugley, Tim Baker, Jeremy Woolf, Barry Reicherter

PR Measurement Insights - Panel

Make measurement a priority – If you spend the bare minimum on measurement, it will be money wasted. Prepare to carve out more of your budget for it or to become more efficient.

Tag URLs – It’s not the sexiest idea, but it works. Tag all of the URLs you share through social to easily track results.

Second Panel

–        Rebekah Iliff, Mary Elizabeth Germaine, Philip Kam, Matt Kucharski, Colby Vogt

PR Measurement Insights - Panel

Count what counts – How can you know what to measure? It depends on your brand. You cannot simply follow the standard measurement metrics to see what happens. You need to align your metrics to your goals.

Look to the long-term – Don’t worry about what marketing can do in terms of showing their impact today. PR is about building trust and relationships. You can measure your impact on the bottom line in the long-term.

Weaponizing Analytics

Nick DePrey, Lauren Bracey Scheidt

NPR - PR Measurement Insights

Don’t dive into data – Before you start analyzing data, ask yourself where can you improve and what can you do that no one else can. This qualitative audit will help you better analyze your data and determine which of it works and which doesn’t.

Beware of context – Looking at data without context will cause more headaches than solutions. Instead of a report, ask an analyst for insights.

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