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It’s Time to Forget Business as Usual

PR professionals and communicators often see the latest piece of technology – whether a social network, device or something else – as a cure-all.

But technology doesn’t mean you can put your feet up and watch as you rack up results. You have to analyze its potential, implement it properly and find new ways of measuring success.

In his recent e-book, “What If PR Stood for People and Relationships?,” Brian Solis says you can’t take what’s new and stuff it “into yesterday’s processes without thinking twice.”

Too often, people use outdated standards and metrics of success and benchmark their work against others who don’t challenge the status quo.

True success requires questioning all of your processes and strategies. Following traditional modes of business blindly prevents you from innovating and finding better ways of achieving goals.

Be the Change

By and large, people working in the marketing machine do see the silos that need to fall, the budgets that need increasing and the resources needed to succeed.

What or who are people actually waiting for? Brian wonders whether everyone is sitting on their hands wondering when someone else will campaign for change, creativity and innovation.

If you don’t enact the change you want to see, mediocrity will prevail.

Mediocrity Kills - FutureofPR

Take a Breath…Then Go!

Change for the sake of change won’t do you any good. Before you make a move ask yourself the following questions:

  • How does this change our value proposition?
  • How does this change the value we provide to our target audience?
  • Will this move help our business focus on a purpose higher than the bottom line?

Idea Factory - Future of PR

Many of the most beloved brands focus on mutual value, and that’s the secret to their success.

You don’t have to wait for permission to act. Change comes from within. Altering your marketing won’t make up for a bad customer experience.

“Innovate from the inside first before you engage on the outside,” Brian says. “You just might find that when you strive for excellence it becomes contagious.”

Engage and Inspire

Technology and the access it provides have given PR professionals and other communicators a major opportunity, but no one has responded with a sense of urgency.

You can change that. Your target audience wants to feel as if you value them, not see them as a wallet to boost your bottom line.

Pink Slime - Future of PR

“People want to believe you know them. You want to deliver value,” Brian says. “The distance between the two is only separated by the steps you take to bring them together.”

The technology you use, the stories you create and strategies you develop are meant to engage and inspire your target audience to feel something and take action.

“Make your work count…every word, every image, every story, every product,” Brian says. “Make it talk to and through people. Doing so brings people together. Coming together forms communities. Communities can change the world.”

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About Brian Conlin

Brian Conlin is a content marketing manager for Cision. A former journalist, he enjoys researching and developing accessible content. When not writing, you will find him watching baseball and college basketball, sampling craft beer and enjoying Baltimore. Find him on Twitter @BrianConlin13.

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