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#MetricsChat Recap: Daniel Honigman talks PR & Social

Yesterday, we hosted another great session of #MetricsChat series. An hour long Twitter chat with our guest host Daniel Honigman, PR/Marketing expert at G2Crowd, gave the audience the opportunity to gain great insights about “Social Media & PR”. The turnout was great and we saw some incredible questions and answers hitting the e-floor!


Daniel shared his expert advise on the topic and gave some wonderful tips to manage Social and PR effectively.

No worries if you could not join the conversation. We will cover the major highlights from our chat with Daniel, right here!

Q1. @TEK: To what extend can social replace PR (agency) if I have a limited budget?
A1. @DanielHonigman: 1/2 Comes down to goals. If you’re looking for chatter, social can help. Doesn’t necessarily get media placements, tho. 2/2 However, social media channels are a great way to connect with all sorts of influencers, including reporters.

Q2. @suruchisharma23: What has been the most challenging PR initiative, that you were a part of?
A2. @DanielHonigman: 1/2 Any initiative in which you have to create a narrative from scratch, or drive revenue can be difficult. 2/2 The @kmartgamer program is one example of that, which drove revenue + @kmart market share

Q3. @JeffAnaya: How do you deal with upset consumers on social?
A3. @DanielHonigman: 1/2 Honesty, transparency + action usually are usually a good combo when solving problems – professionally + personally. 2/2 A personal touch usually helps, along with a touch of empathy. Don’t diagnose – understand why they’re upset

Q4. @DRayG86: What do you look for in a ‘good review’?
A4. @DanielHonigman: 1/2 Two main factors: the number of questions answered – some are optional – and the answers’ thoroughness. 2/2 Each review is graded in real time (reviewer sees grade), + @g2crowd QA team vets every one that comes in.

Q5. @BradWard05: What are the challenges you face in keeping a resource like G2 impartial and fair as possible?
A5. @DanielHonigman: 1/2 The right community members/reviewers understand value of the platform, + generally want to contribute positively. 2/2 Creating dialogue around the products, and giving people a platform to participate in other ways helps.

Q6. @dumb_captcha: Is there a thing as ‘trying too hard’ on social? If so, whats a good sign of it? 
A6. @DanielHonigman: 1/2 Absolutely. After @oreo‘s #superbowl tweet, look at all the real-time #content that has since flopped. 2/2 There are lots of “shiny objects” not just #socialmedia, but all types of marketing. Imp to test, but have focus

Q7. @viralheat: Any other tips to manage PR and Social for our audience? It has been a great session indeed! 
A7. @DanielHonigman: Have clear goals 2) Pick channels and tactics that align to your strategy 3) Have the right tools to help! 

Exciting questions and outstanding answers – right? It was indeed a great session and with the highly engaged audience, Daniel covered many areas of interest, which all marketing and PR professionals really care about. For those of you who want to connect with Daniel, you can tweet to him @DanielHonigman – he can definitely answer some of your toughest questions and help you understand the nuances of Social Media and PR.

In case you wish to explore how Viralheat makes social media management effective, feel free to reach out to us on Twitter @viralheat or get connected through our website.

#MetricsChat will be back on Dec 11 with an all-new guest host. Stay tuned for the update! And as always, if you’re interested in hosting #MetricsChat, please email with the subject line #MetricsChat.

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