Integrating Smart Monitoring Into Your Social Customer Service Practices

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NOTE: This is the second installment of a 3 part series on how to implement social media customer service into your business plan.

In the previous blog post, we explained how to think about social customer service for your business. To summarize, social customer service is recognizing and reacting to your upset consumers through social networks. You can of course do this the simplistic way- waiting until someone comes to your business’ page and tells you directly that they’re upset. The problem with this is that you could miss a lot of upset consumers. Conversely, you can be proactive and implement smart social media monitoring tools to help you accurately see what everyone on any social network is saying about you, even if your business isn’t directly mentioned.

Here’s how:

Social Media Monitoring Tools

The most basic tool you need to effectively see everything said about your product/brand/service is a social media-monitoring tool. When choosing a social monitoring tool, the best practice is to understand which social networks you want to monitor and to verify that the tool supports it.

Once you’ve found the correct tool for your business you will be able to effectively monitor conversations across the social web. Remember, this will allow you to not only see what’s being said about your business but anything else you want as well including: your competitors, your influencers, and any conversations in your industry. This is the first step to implementing a proper social media customer service strategy into your business.


Sentiment Monitoring

The next tool you want to have (which normally comes coupled with a monitoring tool) is a sentiment-monitoring tool. These tools use machine learning and language processing technology to score the sentiment of social mentions. So, if someone says ‘I hate Clorox bleach’ your sentiment tool will notice the negative language and score it accordingly.

The tool should allow you to quickly and easily parse out mentions by positive, neutral, and negative sentiment so you don’t have to spend time looking through mentions to find the most important ones. Saving time is key, so having this tool is crucial if you’re following a viral topic.

Having sentiment monitoring set up for your brand monitoring allows you to quickly find who is saying something negative about your brand so you can easily respond to it. Equally, you can use positive sentiment to surface influencers.


Real-Time Alerts

The key advantage of social media customer service is it’s immediacy. When someone is griping about your brand, you want to know about it- but more importantly, you want to know about is soon. Addressing a concern multiple days later won’t really matter, as people who are upset are upset right now!

Of course, these concerns could arise at any time from anywhere: from noon in Alaska to midnight in Zimbabwe. Social media never sleeps- but you do. So being notified of what’s going on, even when you’re not at your computer, is crucial. That is why having an alert system is an integral part of this process.

With a proper alert system, you can receive email alerts whenever something notable happens. Simply set-up triggers for whatever you want to be notified of. Maybe you want to know whenever somebody mentions your brand in a negative way- just set up an alert once a mentions comes in around your brand with negative sentiment.

See how I tied in all 3 tools into one flow? This is the backbone of implementing smart and efficient social media customer service into your business. But what happens when you see these mentions? Will you address all of them the same? How will you accurately log and respond to these mentions? What is your social media response protocol and what are examples of the best social media customer service out there? These questions and more will be answered in the last part of this series. See you then!


If you can’t wait for the next post, check out our white paper “Customer Service Evolved” to learn more.

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