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Social Media Listening – Formulating a Winning Strategy

Social media does not offer you a smooth playground to execute your marketing plans on. Marketers often stumble upon various challenges and end up wondering about how to get real results from social. One mantra to make the most out of your social media efforts is to “Listen effectively“. 

Why effective listening?

If you ever wonder what effective social media listening really implies, then read on. This post will help you understand which areas of social listening deserve your close attention, what are some of the marketing metrics to focus on and last but not the least, how to filter the noise and thus listen effectively.

From product development to customer support, effective social listening can help you analyze and use data to your advantage. We recommend adopting the following approach to streamline your social listening efforts:

Step 1: Understand your audience

Why – Audience analysis is one of the key components of a successful marketing campaign. It not only helps you target the right people, but also helps in framing your marketing communication in line with what interests your audience.

How – Rely on nothing, but solid data! Viralheat’s extensive data analytics capabilities provide you with rich insights such as audience demographics, language detection, top cities, and counties to help you better understand your audience. Therefore, you can adjust your marketing messaging accordingly. Result – Better customer engagement and increased ROI.

Viralheat - Listening - Audience analysis

Step 2: Take cues from customer/audience feedback

Why – Customer feedback provides a golden opportunity to improve upon your product/service. It is right from the horse’s mouth! As a responsible marketer, you should engage with your customers, understand their needs, grievances, affinities and work towards making your brand, the brand of your customers’ choice. E.g. Microsoft Xbox is one of the most engaged brands on Twitter and other social channels. It stands out in terms of its average response times to customer feedback and posting content, which resonates with its audience.

How – Viralheat’s monitoring and listening platform, comes with a patented sentiment and human intent technology, which can help you pick the right cues from your audience conversations. Understand sentiment, interact with your promoters, detractors right from a single, intuitive platform.

Sentiment Analysis - Viralheat

Step 3: Join the conversation:

Why – Once you understand the sentiment of mentions around your brand, it is crucial that you act in the moment. Take actions before “negative” impressions become opinions! After all, a word is mightier than a sword.

How – With Viralheat, you can filter social mentions by platform, sentiment, purchase intent, etc. This helps you narrow down the interactions and act (reply, share, create tasks, generate support tickets) with your team in real time.

Step 4: Follow the “continuous improvement” trend

Why – Your marketing efforts need to keep pace with the rapidly changing social media landscape. So, be the trend-setter and act proactively!

How – At Viralheat, we believe in continuously improving and enhancing our product in order to offer the best-in-class technology for our customers. Our platform helps marketers effectively manage their social and content marketing initiatives with ease and efficiency.

To conclude, effective social media listening can help you strengthen customers relationships and your brand’s online reputation. Learn additional tips, tricks to manage and maintain your online reputation with a free download of “Online Reputation Management – Where do YOU stand?

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