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4 Steps to Acquiring High-Quality Social Leads

Social media has reached its adolescence. Though many companies have rushed into the social media space, many remain skeptical of social’s intrinsic value. Rightly so, as many believe that a social media presence is a business requirement but not a profitable arm.

These people are sorely mistaken. In fact, businesses can derive value from social in many ways – depending on how you implement it into your company.

Today, we discuss a quick and easy method for acquiring quality leads that you can convert into sales.

1. Dive into social media

The first and easiest way to track ROI is to use social to identify new leads for your business. Identifying these leads is simple with the proper social media monitoring tools in place.

With the right tools, you can easily comb through vast amounts of social media conversations and target those that are relevant to sell to. Here’s how to monitor social media intelligently to find people looking to buy.

2. Implement smart monitoring

Finding a tool that covers the social networks you are looking for is the first step. Ask yourself, ‘what social networks would be the most valuable to monitor?’

If you’re a B2C you might want to look into Facebook or Tumblr, whereas B2B marketers might prefer LinkedIn. Once you have it set up, implementing simple Boolean searches for your business will help you find out if anyone is talking about you.

But, just monitoring the social space for your own brand mentions is low hanging fruit. To be truly proactive, start identifying events before the buying cycle. This means identifying your buyer persona and understanding how your consumers talk about your product or industry.

For example, if you are a wedding planner, not only would you want to see social media mentions around weddings, but also around conversations such as ‘getting engaged,’ ‘she said yes,’ and other relevant identifiers of good business opportunities.

Finding these keywords and phrases relative to your business will allow you to find the leads that you may be missing. Monitoring for language that connotes intent also helps find the most relevant leads. Adding in keywords to your search such as ‘need,’ ‘want’ or ‘going to’ can show you people who are looking to make an action around the topic you are following.

Employees are strong brand ambassadors. Use our free tip sheet to activate them on social media and nurture leads!

3. Track the competition

Binoculars - Track Competition - Social Media Monitoring

Not only will you want to monitor when people talk about things related to your business, but you will also want to monitor keywords around your competition. Now, you don’t want to pull in everything around your competitors – only the stuff that you can respond to. This is why having a sentiment scoring tool is crucial.

With sentiment scoring, you can quickly surface only social mentions that are relevant. So, in this case, you would want to monitor your competitors for negative sentiment so you can quickly and easily see all the detractors from the competing brand. You can then engage with those consumers and pitch your solution.

4. Log your results

This type of smart monitoring is half the battle. You now have the tools in place to identify quality leads on social media; now you need to track them.

Luckily, doing this is easy. If your social media monitoring tool has the ability to integrate with Salesforce or other CRM software, you can easily export the social mention to your CRM and thus log and track the leads accordingly. Without this, you wont be able to quantify the value of social prospecting. So don’t delay, having social monitoring can be an easy way to score more leads (and hopefully, more deals) for your business.

 This post is written by Jeff Anaya, a marketing associate at Cision.

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