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Waterhouse PR: Cision Cut Our Media Monitoring From Hours to Minutes

For PR firms, social media monitoring has become an essential part of a successful agency’s offering. But without the right tools, it’s impossible to scale media monitoring services as the business grows. Just ask Waterhouse Public Relations, the largest public relations firm in the Tennessee Valley.

“Scrubbing through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to find what was working for our clients and what people were talking about was a total time suck,” says Natalie Jenereski, a digital PR strategist at Waterhouse.

Natalie spent three hours each day monitoring social media for clients.

“I just couldn’t keep that up,” she says. “It would be this process of typing all these individual keywords into Facebook, Twitter and Google.”

When Waterhouse added Cision’s Visible Intelligence platform to the firm’s strategy in October, monitoring clients’ social media campaigns went from a behind-the-scenes hindrance to a hassle-free advantage that sets them apart from competitors.

Natalie Jenereski

Natalie Jenereski, digital PR strategist at Waterhouse Public Relations

“Now that it’s all in one place, it only takes me five or 10 minutes to go through everything,” says Natalie.

“I’ll pull up the 30-day graph of how much noise our client got, and I’ll look through all those posts. Visible lumps similar posts together, making social media monitoring easy.

“I’ll notice if five people are talking about how delicious our client entrees are that day. However, if I were to see five people complain about something, I keep it on my radar and make sure it doesn’t spiral out of control.”

With Visible Intelligence, Waterhouse can tell clients where to put their resources in real time.

For example, when the Chattanooga Airport did a sponsorship with the Chattanooga Lookouts, a minor league baseball team, Waterhouse showed them how much attention they received from their followers.

“I sent an email to the client saying, ‘Just so you know, this ticket giveaway did really well. You’ve expanded your brand awareness with this, so put it in your back pocket and remember it for the future,’” Natalie says.

Monitoring news stories to see if they get a lot of traction also aids in informing PR strategies.

“Visible Intelligence lets us know if a good news story goes viral, which is great for brand reinforcement,” Natalie says. “When our local newspaper did a story on the Chattanooga Airport’s funding, we wanted to see, if besides that article, people cared. From a PR standpoint, it’s great to see who’s talking about our clients to understand how we can reinforce the conversation about them.”

With Visible Intelligence, Waterhouse not only guides their current clients’ social communication but uses the feature as a market differentiator to attract more and larger clients.

“I really look forward to getting some larger accounts to really let this platform take off and do what I know it can do,” Natalie says.

“Visible Intelligence adds value for our clients. It’s promising to see that we could do something for our clients that not everybody is offering. It definitely gives us an edge.”

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