3 Ways to Improve Your Content With the Right Tools

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The Internet is overloaded with content. Every day, marketers are throwing more and more content into the mix, saturating the marketplace with information and making it a struggle to get your efforts noticed.

There are still ways to make your content stand out from the rest, however, and it starts with the right marketing tools.

At his recent Cision webinar, “9 Tools & Tips That Drive Content Marketing Results,” Ian Cleary discussed the common problems plaguing content marketers today and how the right tools and technology can solve them. Ian suggested nine different tools to complement your content efforts, including Inbound Writer, Ahrefs and Buzzsomo.

Here’s how these three tools can boost your content marketing:

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1. Drive more traffic to your content


According to Ian, “the majority of content is not getting ongoing, organic traffic.”

You could create the most interesting, insightful piece of content, but if no one sees it, your efforts will be in vain. Before you even start writing or creating, you need to make sure that what you produce will be a hit.

Inbound Writer analyzes your intended topic and shows your chances of getting organic traffic from Google. By looking at what’s already out there, the competition and other factors, the tool predicts your place in search results so you can decide whether or not creating that piece of content will be valuable for your brand.

2. Rank higher on Google



Even if you use Inbound Writer to predict your ranking, you should continue to improve that ranking once your content is out there. Ian says one of the most important things you can do is promote your content.

To boost your ranking on Google, you need to let people know about your content. With Ahrefs, you can search for similar content and analyze competitors’ articles. You can even find out who is linking to those competitors’ articles and reach out to convince them to link to yours instead.

3. Produce more popular content


Besides a high ranking on Google, one sure sign of content success is good engagement. If no one is interested in your content, it won’t matter how many people see it. You need to be sure that your content will spark engagement and drive conversation.

“For sharing or writing content, trending content will help get more engagement,” says Ian.

With Buzzsomo, you can find out what topics are trending and what kind of content your audience will be interested in. Search by keywords to find out what content is getting shared the most, so you can tailor your content topics accordingly.


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Maria Materise is a content marketing specialist for Cision. Formerly a copywriter, she enjoys creating content that excites and inspires audiences. She is an avid reader, movie trivia geek, Harry Potter fanatic and makeup junkie..

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