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5 New Social Media Tools That You Should Know About

If there is one thing that is constant about social media platforms (besides their URLs), it is that they change fast. There are some recently released social media tools that communication and marketing professionals may find very helpful…or at least find good to know about.

In this post I want to take a look at some new tools that are available for the more prominent social media platforms and give an idea of how they can be helpful for PR professionals and marketers.

1. Facebook Search

Cision Facebook Search

Facebook search has been around for about a year, and its utility has been suspect. Recently, Facebook changed their search feature to include ALL (2 trillion and counting) Facebook posts. This means that when you search for something on Facebook you will get results from your timeline, your friends’ timelines and any public posts. Presumably much more robust.

This adds a deeper relevance to contextual hashtags, presumably will make search more helpful, and of course may create some concern about privacy for some users. Incidentally, if you want to change your past posts so that they don’t show up in search you do that pretty easily by following these instructions.

How communication and marketing professionals can use the new Facebook Search: This makes hashtagging for your public posts hyper-relevant. Hashtagging on Facebook should be as important now as it is on Instagram and Twitter. From a user standpoint it should give you a little more context to your Facebook searches, although many people only share posts with friends by default.

2. Twitter Polls

twitter polls

I wrote a couple of weeks ago that Twitter is making some developer and user tweaks in an effort to increase advertising revenue, and a cool feature that they have recently introduced are polls. It’s a pretty straightforward and limited feature: you press the poll button, write a question and two answers (this is the big limitation) and tweet.

The poll shows up on the timelines of your followers and you are able to access (anonymous) polling data based upon responses.

How communication and marketing professionals can use Twitter Polls: This may be a way to make your Twitter content more engaging to your followers, or to promote your Twitter channel.

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3. LinkedIn New Apps

Like Instagram (mentioned below), LinkedIn has an interesting mobile strategy where they are building out standalone apps for each of the specific functions of the platform. There is their flagship app, LinkedIn Pulse (content), LinkedIn Recruiter (recruiting), LinkedIn Connected (contacts), LinkedIn Lookup (for internal search), and two new apps: LinkedIn Groups and LinkedIn Job Search.

  • LinkedIn streamlined their parent app, making messaging more straightforward and making the look more clean
  • The Groups app (launching soon) will allow group interaction within the app, coinciding with a revamp of the Group feature
  • The Job Search app is an app specifically for job searches

How communication and marketing professionals can use LinkedIn’s new apps: If you manage or interact in groups, LinkedIn Groups will make it more convenient to do that. And the job search feature should be a helpful tool for professional seeking a transition.

While they probably aren’t game-changing apps, allowing access to the platform by specialization should make the Job Search (and possibly the Groups app) popular.

4. Instagram “Boomerang”

We can all probably agree on the universal truth that GIFs are awesome. Instagram is banking on this with its “Boomerang” app which creates “looping videos” (they’re technically not GIFs, although they serve the same function) with the same stop action feature implemented in Instagram video.

Think of Boomerang as an abbreviated Instagram video — a one-second Vine.

Boomerang continues Instagram’s cool app strategy that it started with Hyperlapse and

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