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9 Quotes About the Intersection of PR, Social & Content

What once worked for you is no longer viable. The Internet has transformed PR, which means you now need a strategy that combines PR with social and content to appeal to your audience and drive results for your business.

At the “Intersection of PR, Social and Content,” an exclusive event hosted by Cision, communication experts Heather Whaling, founder and president of Geben Communication; Chad Politt, VP of audience and co-founder of Relevance; and Nichole Kelly, president of SME Digital shared their thoughts on the connection between PR, social and content and how your brand should approach all three.

Each speaker had a unique perspective on the topic and offered valuable insight for PR professionals looking to blend three strategies into one. Here are some of the top quotes from each of the three speakers:

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Heather Whaling


1. “As the technology has advanced, the role that we all play has also advanced.”

PR professionals are no longer solely responsible for communication. Now, they’re also in charge of social media and content marketing. Successful PR professionals are embracing these activities and combining them to make their jobs easier.

2. “PR isn’t sales, but if your PR isn’t supporting your sales, you’re missing a really big opportunity to show the value of PR and how PR really impacts the bottom line and impacts the growth of a company.”

To be successful in PR, you need to work with other departments, including sales. Everyone shares the same business goals, and if you can combine efforts, you can reach them.

3. “If you’re going to spend all this time and put all this money and resources into doing that one really fantastic piece of content, you can get months of content out of that one piece if you think about how to break it up into those smaller pieces.”

Get more out of your content by increasing its longevity. Take the topic and repurpose it by creating “cobblestones” like blog posts, videos, infographics and more, which all lead to the main, big piece of content.

Chad Pollitt


4. “Great content goes unread every day.”

The Internet is oversaturated with content, and that means that not everyone is going to see the content you create. With so much competition in the marketplace, getting your voice heard is a challenge.

5. “Today, SEO is not something you do anymore. It’s what happens when you do everything else right.”

Search engines used to be the main source for content distribution and promotion. Today, this is no longer the case. You need to do more to get your content at the top of search lists. When you practice good digital PR and create great content, you can accomplish your search goals.

6. “We’ve all been told that content is king. It’s not. Audience is.”

The key to successful PR is no longer creating the best content. It won’t matter how good your content is if no one reads it. You need to appeal to your audience and persuade them to read it.

Nichole Kelly


7. “The Millennial generation is completely different from any other generation that you’ve been marketing to.”

Traditional marketing strategies aren’t working for the Millennial generation. They can see through your spin, and they’re not susceptible to typical marketing “games.” Millennials now make up a third of the American workforce, which means there’s a huge opportunity for you to market to them and try new strategies.

8. “[Millennials] want experiences that will help them change the world, and the question is how does your brand fit in?”

Millennials want to change the world and that means they will buy the products that inspire them. Brands like Toms, which donate a pair of shoes for every pair purchased, do well among Millennials because they’re making a difference and helping their customers make a difference, too.

9. “To be effective, we must lose the spin and focus on radically honest marketing.”

With traditional marketing spin off the table, the best way for your brand to appeal to Millennials is by being vulnerable. This will set you apart from other brands in a powerful way. Don’t just advertise anymore; instead, be honest.



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