How to Create Stand-Out Content: Q&A With Ian Cleary

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Each day, the Internet becomes increasingly crowded with content. Consequently, content marketers are finding it harder to get their content to stand out and receive recognition for their efforts. By using the right marketing tools and technology, content marketers are able to solve some of the problems that stem from this situation.

Ian Cleary, founder of RazorSocial, discussed some examples of tools that can help drive bigger results at his recent webinar. During “9 Tools & Tips That Drive Content Marketing Results,” Ian explored how these tools can help identify successful content topics, drive more organic blog traffic and build your social presence.

With such an informative webinar, many attendees posed questions on the process of content creation. Here, Ian Cleary answers a handful of questions that weren’t answered during the webinar.

Q: If you have a log of strong and relevant content to share, why do you feel it’s necessary to share others’ content mixed in with yours?

A: You want to build relationships with other influencers in your industry and if you want them to share your content you will need to share theirs!

Q: What is the life cycle of your content? What should one expect for an organic timeline? Is there a benchmark or best practice for that? 


A: Your evergreen content never goes out of date so why not continue to share it?  But you need to review your content on a regular basis to make sure it is still relevant and up to date.  We recently reviewed an article and decided to to rewrite about 25 percent of it so we republished it again as a new article. It was shared over 1,000 times!

Q: Do you suggest different content messages based on the platform used? 

A: Yes, absolutely.  For example, you may have a short and snappy message on Twitter but a much more detailed message on Google+.  All platforms are different.

Want to know about all nine content marketing tools? Watch Ian’s full webinar recap today!

Q: For an entrepreneur just starting out, how can you start using content marketing to launch and promote your business especially in social media?  

A: Focus on a blog and create amazing content and then reach out and promote it.  If you find a relevant audience for your content people will happily share it if it’s good.

Q: What sites do you recommend for a shoestring budget?


A: Always start with a blog.

Q: Ideally, how often should you post a new blog article?

A: At least twice on the first day, once on the second day, once within a week and then monthly if it’s evergreen.

Q: Ian, we are a U.S.-based B2B consulting firm in the financial and insurance space and we’re just venturing into social media content marketing. What are the 3 most important things we should do or steps we should take at launch? 


1.  Create a blog with amazing content.

2. Create an e-book

3. Build your email list.

After this you can focus on content promotion across social media channels.

Q: On LinkedIn, I can post on my page, my company’s page or a group page and cross link to the others. Which is the best place to put the original? 


A: Your personal profile is the best.  The group can be good if it’s highly relevant to your niche and you are not overpromoting!

Q: What are your thoughts on Google+ and its effectiveness in the social platform relationship building and value ecosystem? 

A:  Google+ is reducing in importance, but if your target audience is on Google+ it could be a good platform. The platform with an engaged audience relevant to your niche is one to monitor.


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