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3 Reasons Why Social Media Influencers Make Powerful Brand Partners

Who would you rather have promoting your products or services: Kim Kardashian or Michelle Phan?

Chances are you know who Kim Kardashian is and you may be thinking her widespread influence could launch your brand to the masses. Maybe you haven’t heard of Michelle Phan, a YouTube personality known for her unique makeup tutorials, but her over 8 million followers shouldn’t be overlooked.

When you’re looking to align your brand with an influencer, it may be tempting to target a famous celebrity. But with a closer connection to their audience, expertise on a niche topic and greater engagement, social media influencers could be the better fit.

Cision’s new “How to Use Influencers to Expand Reach & Impact” white paper examines the impact influencers can have on your brand and how you can harness their power. Take a look at the following three reasons for why you should consider connecting with social media influencers for your next campaign:

1. Low Cost for a High Return


Celebrity influencers will happily promote your brand – but it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg. Most brands don’t have the resources available to even consider aligning with celebrities.

That’s why it makes sense to turn to social media influencers.

While there still may be a cost involved to make them your partner, it will be significantly less than the cost for celebrity influencers. Plus, with a wide reach and significant sway, the investment in a social media influencer may be worth it.

Want more insights on how to connect with influencers? Read the free influencer marketing white paper today!

2. Your Audience is Tuned in

While celebrities may be more widely known, they aren’t as closely connected to their audience the way that social media influencers are.

Think of the relationship between these influencers and their audience like the relationship between a mama bear and her cubs. Social influencers are the gatekeepers, protecting their followers from brands looking for new customers. They know what brands their audience should trust and that makes your audience inclined to listen.

If a social media influencer recommends your products or services, their audience is much more likely to take note than if a celebrity recommended them. Because of social media influencers’ attachment to their audience, they have more power to sway opinions.

3. They’re the Experts


Just like social media influencers have a close connection to their audience, they also have a close connection to their industry. Unlike celebrities, social media influencers are known for being an expert on a specific topic. For example, they could be a YouTuber specializing in makeup and hair tutorials or a blogger who writes about food.

Your audience sees these people as the final word on the products and services in their industry. So if that Youtuber mentions how great your eyeshadow is in their video or that blogger writes about how effective your blender is, their audience is going to believe what they say, follow their recommendation – and head straight to the checkout counter.

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