Listen Up on Social: Q&A With Jay Baer

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If you aren’t listening on social, you’re missing out on tons of opportunities for your brand. Every day, your audience is asking questions, sharing their opinions and offering insight on what you can do to improve your social media marketing strategies.

In the “LiSTEN: 5 Social Audiences You Can’t Ignore” e-book, social media influencer Jay Baer, along with Neil Schaffer, Mark Schaefer, Scott Stratten and Jeff Bullas, delves into why brands need to listen to their audiences and the benefits that can come from paying attention. The e-book is divided into five sections, for customers, competitors, prospects, influencers and employees, and details how and why you should listen to each audience.

At their recent  “Practice Listening: From Competitors to Customers” webinar, Jay and his peers were posed tons of questions about social media marketing. Here, Jay answers some of the questions he and the other speakers weren’t able to get to during the Cision webinar:

Want more insights from Jay Baer on the power of social media listening Read Cision’s Listen E-book!

Q: What tactics help to make a campaign go viral?


A: Almost always, it’s something very funny, very shocking or very emotional. Viral means something is shared, and we share things that create emotional connections somehow. That said, trying to be viral usually means that you won’t be viral.

Q: How do you find out who your advocates are and ways to best reach them?

A: There’s lots of software will help you identify your best advocates – especially on social. Cision can help with that. The best way to reach them is to invite them into a special club, Facebook group, etc.

Q: Is there any community out there just for social media tools?

A: I’m not sure about “community” but the Social Tools podcast is great, as is the RazorSocial blog. Both focus on social tools.

Q: What is the most effective way to monitor social media?


A: Consistently! You want to monitor for a much broader set of search terms than just your business name. You want to look for things about your company, your category, your customers. Cision can help on the software side.

Q: What was the name of the website that created the word image during Jay Baer’s speaking session?


Q: What is the best way to find an influencer in your industry?

A: There’s a lot of technology solutions to find this, but it’s key to find influencers that are relevant topically. Oprah is an influencer, but not really about B2B software, for example.

Q: Does it take paid research to make these stories go viral such as the University President story?  Is it wise to promote with paid as well?

A: Anything that does well organically should probably get some paid support as well. If you know you have a hit, it’s smart to make it a bigger hit.

Q: How should nonprofits approach social media marketing? How would that differ from a for profit company?

A: Not really much different other than you have more audiences because of the donor/volunteer layer. Read Beth Kanter‘s book and blog for the best information on nonprofits and social media.

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