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3 Benefits of Listening to Employees on Social

Are your employees passionate about working for your brand?

Whatever the case, you can bet your employees share their opinions on social – and your audience is taking note. If you aren’t empowering your employees on social, it could have a negative effect on your brand’s reputation.

In the “LiSTEN: 5 Social Audiences You Can’t Ignore” e-book, social media influencer Scott Stratten explains why brands need to use a social listening tool to pay attention to what their employees are saying on social.

Employees that feel empowered and inspired in the workplace make positive brand advocates on social media. And when your audience sees that your employees like and recommend your brand, they are more likely to view your brand in a positive light.

Here are three ways your employees benefit your brand on social:

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1. Humanize Your Brand



Compared to people, businesses on social can appear distant and elusive. But when you put an employee’s face to your brand, your audience will feel more personally connected.

That connection also makes your audience want to dig deeper with your brand. They love to get behind-the-scenes looks at your business, and what could be more exclusive than information from one of your employees?

This could mean sharing photos of the office or workplace, discussing company events or a look at how your products are made.

Encourage employees to share their experiences working for your brand to get your audience excited, but pay attention to what they’re saying. If they celebrate your brand, then your audience will trust you. But if  employees complain, their opinions could turn loyal customers away.

2. Build Positive Reputation

On social media, employees are representatives of your brand. So when they do something good, it reflects well on your brand.

In the “LiSTEN” e-book, Scott shares an example of Home Depot employees who built a ramp for a customer’s dog who was undergoing surgery. The Home Depot employees came together to provide the materials and do the work for the customer at no charge.

The customer shared her gratitude on social media, her message spread across the Internet and people took note. Home Depot gained a positive brand reputation from the good deed of their employees.

3. Strengthen Your Impact

Some employees may already be advocating for your brand online, but empowering them on social could motivate more to do the same.

Look at where your employees are already present on social and use their influence to your brand’s advantage. Engage with them on these social networks and encourage them to share stories about your brand. This will improve brand reputation and strengthen your social presence.

When you combine forces with your employees, you’ll attract a wider audience and connect with more people. And if you encourage your employee to be a positive representative of your brand, you’ll gain more followers and fans – and more business.


Images : Taylor Burnesseanbjack (Creative Commons)

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