3 Keys to Convincing Influencers to Work With Your Brand

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Influencer marketing is different. For some marketing tactics, such as email or content marketing, all you need to do is set your mind to it, develop a plan and follow through.

But influencer marketing involves people. And with people, developing a plan is a bit more complicated. So how can you persuade influencers to get on board and help spread the word about your brand?

Once you’ve done your research and determined the right influencer for your brand, it’s time to recruit them. But the process of influencer outreach is a delicate one. Cision’s white paper, “How to Use Influencers to Expand Reach and Impact,” shares tips on how to pitch influencers the right way so you can ensure success.

Here are three guidelines for asking influencers to team up with your brand:

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1. Be Specific


Influencers are busy, and they don’t have a lot of time to read through a lengthy list of ideas and explanations. Too much information is likely to turn them off.

Keep your pitch simple and get to your point straight away. Present your ideas in a concise manner and include a call to action that is short and sweet.

Make sure your opening sentence catches their eye. If you grab their attention from the get-go, the influencer will be more likely to read your whole message and respond.

2. Set Goals



When you’re working with an influencer, they should always know what to expect. Start by setting goals and expectations in your initial ask. Develop a plan and thoroughly explain the steps you and the influencer will take together to reach your goals.

Inform the influencer of their specific role in your plan. How will they be involved? Will they share content or create it – or both?

Leave room for the influencer to make their own suggestions, too. They may have some great ideas that you hadn’t thought of that could work seamlessly into your campaign.

3. Show Value


If you want an influencer on your side, you need to give them an incentive. Sometimes your ideas and plan won’t be enough to convince an influencer that they should work with you. Depending on the influencer, you may even be expected to compensate them for their efforts.

But above all, you need to clearly demonstrate how partnering with your brand will benefit the influencer and their audience. Influencers are protective of their audience and will only connect with brands that they see value in.

Influencer Marketing - How to pitch social influencers


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