3 Rewards to Reap From Brand Journalism

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Gone are the days of pushing your brand’s message to your audience through traditional advertising. Today, consumers want complex, multi-level stories that will make them feel an emotional connection.

But how can you tell stories that will still generate leads and drive results? The answer is brand journalism.

Brand journalism combines journalistic storytelling tactics with brand strategy to engage audiences and increase brand reputation. Cision’s white paper, “Brand Journalism: From Awareness to Lead Generation,” offers insights on building a successful brand journalism program and a look at the brands that are already doing it well.

So what will your brand get out of brand journalism? Here are three ways your brand will benefit from implementing your program:

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1. Build Awareness

When journalists tell stories, their main goal is to inform. Your brand should have a similar mindset, though your motives may be different. Through storytelling, you inform your audience about your brand.

Don’t fall back into old advertising habits though. You want to get your brand’s voice out there, not promote your products or services outright.

So what kinds of stories should you tell? Use social listening tools to find out what your audience is interested in. Look at what your employees or clients are doing. Think about trends. Tell the stories that will draw attention and your audience will follow.

2. Set the Tone for Future Messaging



There is still a time and a place for promotional content, but it comes later. First, you need to inform them about your brand. Then you can start talking about your products and services.

Brand journalism establishes a narrative that invites your audience to be a part of. Once, your audience has formed a connection with your brand through your storytelling, they will be more likely to respond to those promotional messages.

Brand journalism gets your audience ready for that traditional messaging. Your stories will bring them to the top of the funnel; content marketing will take care of the rest.

3. Attract the Right Audience

When it comes to building an audience, you should value quality over quantity. It’s not just about spreading awareness; you need to grow your loyal customer base too.

With brand journalism, you are more likely to find the audience that will become your customers. When people feel a connection to your story, they will begin to feel a connection to your brand as well.

That connection will influence your audience to buy from you – and continue to buy from you.

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Images: Steven LilleyQuinn Dombrowski (Creative Commons)

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