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5 Unique Ways to Score Media Coverage

All brands want media coverage. And that means all of them are sending pitches to reporters – the same reporters you’re pitching. But if your pitch sounds exactly like every other brand’s, it will get ignored.

So how can you make your pitch stand out?

It’s time to make a change to your pitching style! Your pitches don’t have to be boring, and they don’t have to look like everyone else’s. In fact, changing your strategy will surely make journalists take note.

Cision’s tip sheet, “71 Ways to Get Media Coverage,” offers a comprehensive list of tactics for securing the coverage your brand deserves. Here are five of the most unconventional tactics and how to implement them to attract journalists’ and influencers’ attention:

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1. Try something new



Anyone can send an email or a tweet, but not everyone can turn their pitch into a poem. Consider making your pitch rhyme, writing a limerick or even setting it to music to give your pitch that extra “wow” factor.

Even if your unconventional pitch doesn’t turn into coverage, reporters will be glad for the change and will remember your name the next time you pitch.

2. Highlight your difference

Would you consider your organization a little unusual or progressive? Perhaps there’s something you’re doing that others in your industry aren’t, such as offering unlimited vacation time or extensive parental leave.

Whatever it is, it could be a potential story, especially if it’s something you’ve recently implemented. Pitch the idea to reporters, and your unique work-life culture is sure to make your brand stand out.

3. Create visual content



It’s no secret that visual content is taking over. Studies have proven that readers respond better to visuals over text, and the same holds true for reporters.

If you’ve recently conducted a study or have important information to share, an infographic may be the best way to showcase it. Videos and images are also great. Plus, reporters will thank you for providing them with something easily accessible and shareable.

4. Become a prominent figure in your community

It’s time to become the brand that everyone knows and loves. Make a name for yourself by getting involved in not only your community, but in your industry as well.

Start attending events like trade shows and industry conferences. Reporters and other thought leaders may also be attending these events, so getting involved could get your brand coverage. Your opinion may even be a useful angle for the reporter’s story.

5. Try a publicity stunt

Publicity stunts may not be the most original tactic, but how many of your competitors are doing them? Take advantage and push your brand into the spotlight.

Need a good example? Look at Samsung’s Oscars selfie with Ellen DeGeneres in 2014.

Be careful in your planning, and make sure you have a solid strategy. Publicity stunts are effective, but need to be done right.

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