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Creating Content in a Crowded Space: Q&A With Joe Pulizzi

Your content marketing efforts won’t impact the bottom line if your brand doesn’t provide value to your target audience. And with so many distribution channels to tune into, consumers can pick and choose what to ignore. So what should brands do?

They need to revamp their approach to content marketing. At his recent “6 Steps to Developing a Content-First Marketing Strategy,” Joe Pulizzi discussed the need to find your brand’s sweet spot and look for a content tilt before building out your base. Also, be patient. Content marketing takes time, hard work and flexibility.

During his webinar, Joe answered a few questions, but time ran out and a lot went unheard. In this post, Joe responds to the remaining questions and provides readers with more of his expert insight:

Q: What seems to be the “ideal” length for blog posts? 500 words? 1,000 words?

A: There is no ideal length.  Find the voice, tone and length that makes sense to you.  That said, we see posts longer than 1,000 words do better with sharing and search.

Q: How would you relate content marketing to an education environment?

A: In education, the difficult part is focusing on who your audience is.  There are more than 10 possible audiences in education (parents, students, donors, government, etc.).  Tackle one at a time.

Q: What are your tips for making your email subscribers act? With historically low levels of CTR, how can you maximize engagement and purchases?

A: Lot of variables here…who the audience is, the buying cycle, etc.  Focus on the buyer’s journey and fill in the gaps with valuable information along the way to build that relationship over time.  You should find that engagement and purchases go up.

Were you unable to attend Joe Pulizzi’s webinar? View it on-demand today!

Q: In your opinion, do you see any service niches that are getting too crowded in the social media space?

A: Sure…almost every area, but there is always a niche of a niche where someone hasn’t seen the opportunity yet.

Q: How do you think of partnership strategy if you do not have good content yourself?

A: Love partnerships. Find out where your audience is hanging out on the web and do as many content partnerships with those places as makes sense.

Q: I work at a charity and our focus is on poverty – a topic many people don’t want to hear about…how can we ignite our content so we can build an audience?

A: Just follow the model.  Focus on a different compelling story that focuses on the wants/needs/cares of your audience and consistently deliver over time. Most charities DON’T do the “consistent” part of this, and that’s why it never works.

Q: We’re a membership association. Currently, we send a weekly e-newsletter to all members and they get it automatically. Should we change that process and have them opt-in for it?email-content-marketing

A: If getting the e-newsletter is part of their “membership” it’s probably fine…but look at the open rates and there may actually be a problem with readership.  Then you’ll know if there is an issue or not.

Q: Do you have an example of someone in higher education doing content marketing really well?

A: Coursera is amazing.  University of Phoenix also does an outstanding job.

Q: What’s the most profitable channel for your books: Amazon (or similar channel) or seminars/workshops/your website? I sell far more of my career strategy books at conferences where I speak and my seminars than through any of the retail channels…

A: For me personally, audiobooks.  I’m amazed to see how fast the audiobook category is growing.


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