Why It’s Easy for Brands to Get Culture So Wrong!

Millions of consumers use the Internet to cross national borders. It’s easy for brands to tie themselves in knots when attempting to address linguistic and cultural differences. Avoid a culture clash with these seven tips.

How Do Global Events Influence Global Development?

Sports and entertainment events can produce significant economic benefits, and PR pros have begun focusing on creating opportunities for inward investment, not just column inches or retweets.

Brand Vandalism and How to Prepare for an Attack

Media has become a two-way weapon, making brands vulnerable to vandals. See examples of brand vandalism and discover how you can prepare for and defuse an attack.

Are You a Thought Leader or a Thought Follower?

True thought leadership is hard to come by. It requires more than research and involves taking risks. See the seven attributes that distinguish thought leadership from thought following.

Why Does ‘Content Marketing’ Matter?

Content marketing is nearly ubiquitous, but marketing experts can’t find a consensus definition for what it is. Should marketers and PR pros care if ‘content marketing’ remains undefined?

‘Brand Warfare’ at Sochi Olympic Games 2014

The Olympics are winner-takes-all for athletes and brands alike. Brands like Coke paid millions to be an official Olympic sponsor. Subway just made everyone think they are. So who’s winning?

Do You Practice Consumer-ology?

Customers shout, “Enough!” when faced with too many choices. Instead of bombarding customers, identify their motivations and use content and offers that appeal to their emotions.

‘Brand Love’ Is in the Air!

Do people trust brands or politicians more? There’s a growing trust between consumers and the brands they engage with each day. This has led to an expectation of social action by brands.

10 Ways to Deliver the Perfect Pitch

Want to deliver the perfect pitch? It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it. Win sales by following these 10 can’t miss tips for giving a knock-em-dead presentation.

Negative Perception Sticks: Avoid It!

You can take every correct step to resolve a PR crisis and still have negative reputation linger. What can you do to avoid it, asks Ardi Kolah?

How to Avoid Falling Into ‘The Marketing Trap!’

Most managers think that what worked yesterday will work tomorrow. The trouble is, it probably won’t. Ardi Kolah shows how marketers can successfully pivot strategies and win.

How to Find Your Marketing Light Bulb Moment

To create something valuable out of nothing more than a compelling vision, or set of principles, is what great marketing is all about. It’s the ‘light bulb moment’. Here’s how to have one.

Personal Branding: Avoid Social Media Oversharing

We’re taught to share, but social media “oversharing” can damage your own brand and your employers’. Follow these five tips to keep the right sharing balance.

Cognitive Bias: Why It’s What Customers Hear That Matters

Thanks to the ‘backfire effect’, your brand’s attempts to convert prospects and stakeholders to its viewpoint may do more harm than good, says Ardi Kolah.

How to Measure PR Success Properly

Your PR output is worth showing off, but there’s a better way to demonstrate your effectiveness. Here’s how to measure PR success in terms of inputs, outputs and outcomes.

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