What does MediaMath do?

MediaMath is the quintessential heavyweight of the marketing data world. As a leader in programmatic marketing technology, MediaMath provides a quantitative approach to deliver results for developers, agencies and two-thirds of the Fortune 500. MediaMath empowers marketers with an extensible, open, AI-driven platform to drive goal-based marketing at scale. It activates data, automates execution, and optimizes interactions across all addressable media, delivering performance, transparency, and control to all marketers, and offers a more individualized experience for consumers.

Why did Cision partner with MediaMath?

Cision is the first to harness earned media data in this way. Cision partnered with MediaMath to be able to extend that capability. MediaMath has the programmatic view of the adtech data, augmenting data for digital marketers and CMOs to do a better job in their marketing world. Cision and MediaMath together allows customers to use data to inform and drive their media strategies and ROI-based measurement.

How will this partnership benefit Cision and MediaMath customers?

The Cision and MediaMath partnership allows Cision customers to optimize ROI measurement by doing the following:

  • Utilize audience analytics to effectively measure the impact of earned media within broader marketing campaigns.
  • Amplify earned media campaigns with integrated paid media activities such as extended press release outreach, earned media pick up through paid channels, earned media retargeting, or guaranteed news views.
  • Optimize digital advertising with earned media audience data to inform and influence buying decisions and augment digital marketing data.

Is this solution customer driven?

Yes. As a result of hundreds of customer conversations in the past year, they’ve made it clear they are anxious for additional data to inform their campaigns and become more metrics driven. The industry has historically relied on “soft metrics” such share of voice and potential reach. This solution will augment those metrics with hard metrics that are data driven. We will start with a beta group of joint customers as the next step in the evolving partnership.

Is this announcement related to the recent Cision Impact announcement?

They are not connected. Impact is a product for PR professionals that enables them for the first time ever to track their content to business objectives and outcomes in this way.

What else has Cision done to further their vision of providing data driven metrics?

In addition to several strategic acquisitions, including Prime Research and Bulletin Intelligence, we have also partnered with LiveRamp to extend audience identities from earned content to digital marketing platforms. We have also integrated our platform with Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics.