Media Analysis for the Pharmaceutical & Bio-Tech Industry

Education Campaigns Informed by Conversations in Mainstream, Trade and Social Media

With Cision Global Insights, you can take your market education strategies to the next level by understanding who is talking about your products and what they are saying.

Mainstream or multistream

No longer constrained to inclusion solely in journals and the business press, conversations around pharmaceutical and biotech companies and their therapeutics are regularly found in mainstream and social media. An effective omni-channel strategy is informed by understanding the relevant outlets, social networks, influencers and themes encapsulating your brands.

Know customer perception

When patient education is part of your media strategy, Cision analysts can inform and benchmark your strategies through faceted, multi-segment mining of conversations across traditional, online and social channels.

Mine the conversation

Political, economic and cultural forces affect your company’s revenues, brand and valuation. From biotherapeutics to alternative medicines, Cision Global Insights helps global organizations identify and evaluate emerging themes within a defined market segment or across numerous segments.