PR pitches can leave a lot to be desired. Cision Story Kit updates the humble pitch for a world of modern storytelling. It eliminates the stressful back and forth by providing the key information and context needed to write an impactful story. It's more than a beautiful way to pitch a story, because it's backed by data driven insights so you can see how the kit will result in the best performing story for your audience. 

No Predetermined Editorial Angle, Just the Facts

Stop reverse engineering facts, quotes, stats and other information our of press releases with an already-edited story and predetermined angle.

With Story Kit, the information, spokespeople, interviewees, quotes, images and more are available at your fingertips, no extra back and forth needed. 

Information Without a Gatekeeper

On first contact with a PR pro, Cision Story Kits give you all the information you need. Stop wasting time and get your story together quicker without chasing down information, media and more. 

Value That Doesn't Stop When You Hit "Publish"

Cision Story Kit helps you understand how your stories perform with average social shares, SEO Impact from Moz, and Article Impact scores. 

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