Reach the right journalists and publications, from top-tier outlets to local markets, and more than 1 billion social influencers

Build Relationships

  • Comprehensive Media Database: Explore the most comprehensive global media database with 1.4 M contacts, outlets and opportunities in every country across the globe
  • Editorial calendars and opportunities: Leverage editorial calendars and opportunities with planned industry and topical coverage to help you understand where and when your story fits
  • Premium Pitching Information: Cision delivers proprietary in-depth pitching tips, direct quotes, biographical information in addition to emails, phone numbers and more so your pitch is always relevant
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Improve Impact & Relevancy

  • Audience Insights: Brands, beats, demographics and geographic reach for contacts on Twitter
  • Cision Social Influencer lets you tap into more than 1 billion social media profiles to find the perfect match
  • Recommended Authors displays authors based on earned media coverage 
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Establish Credibility

  • HARO (Help A Reporter Out): Get connected with 55k+ journalists looking for experts or insights for their articles. Monitor journalists' requests that are most relevant to your industry or expertise.
  • Media Updates: Get alerts when changes occur directly from our research team into your inbox.
  • Recent Coverage: Read recent articles and social posts from journalists to tailor your pitch
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"A great tool for list building and maintenance, and overall coverage tracking. I think Cision is the best solution out there for finding new media contacts and building lists."
- Bret C, G2Crowd Validated Reviewer

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