Cision has the most complete collection
of global online news, blogs, social, print, and
broadcast channels, with over 7 million sources.

Online Monitoring

  • Track your brand mentions in real time across coverage for breaking news.

  • Monitor millions of stories happening daily across the web. 

  • Enlist our professional services consultant teams to ensure best practices while setting up your monitoring account.


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Broadcast Monitoring

Monitor your brand and competitor coverage on TV, radio, and podcasts across all the top US markets and beyond.

  • Scope extensive coverage from thousands of hours of broadcast content streaming daily. 

  • Easily edit and pull metrics on clips for simple reporting directly from the system.


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Print Monitoring

Gain insights from tens of thousands of traditional print media sources you can't normally find online.

  • Monitor national and local newspapers, magazines, trade publications and more. 

  • Access LexisNexis' expansive library of print publications to pull integrated reports.


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Social Monitoring

Identify the conversations and influencers that are impacting your brand.

  • Twitter and Facebook monitoring capabilities track your brand mentions and owned channel performance across all major social channels. 

  • Analyze results for social mentions or campaigns on the fly with easy-to-use reporting features.


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Podcast Monitoring

Identify mentions of your brand, competitors, and products across more than 20,000+ global podcasts in 16 languages.

  • 3,000+ new podcast episodes are available daily from top publishers like NPR, ESPN and New York Times. 

  • Seamless integration to measure your podcast coverage results easily with the Cision Communications Cloud.


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Cision will help us stay on top of what’s being reported by the leading print and Internet outlets in the U.S., broadcast and cable networks and key local television markets. It will enable us to be more responsive and effective in both day-to-day and longer-term tasks.
- Carol Stogsdill Senior Executive Director, Office of Media Relations

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