Monitoring the media means listening across all channels effectively. Leverage Cision’s partnerships to access a comprehensive library of print and paywall media so you never miss a mention. 

Industry-Leading Coverage

Tap into LexisNexis' extensive print content, covering tens of thousands of global, national, regional and local newspapers, trade and consumer magazines, and business journals to ensure you aren’t missing critical coverage.

Metrics to Tell Your Story

Incorporate offline newspaper and magazine mentions, complete with scanned images, into your reporting. Showcase the full picture of your audience, campaign reach and effectiveness.

Share Your Success

Share your top earned media mentions however works best for your team. Get breaking news as it happens with real-time alerts, learn about trending topics with AI-driven spike alerts, send daily or weekly overviews of coverage, or create curated newsletters.
Cision helps us track coverage better, respond quickly to opportunities and challenges and report promptly to our management. Its ability to deliver hard-copy clips, international monitoring and analysis is also critical. Cision helps us cost-effectively integrate the ways in which we monitor coverage.
- Sally Andrews Vice President, Public Relations

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