**NEW**New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation Shares Unique Tricentennial Storytelling Opportunities with Cision Communications Cloud® 

The 300th anniversary of New Orleans is a natural opportunity for residents and visitors to look back, but New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation (NOTMC) decided the city’s Tricentennial was also a great opportunity to use some very forward-looking technology to bring out some of the best stories. To make sure the whole world heard the call to tell those stories, Cision provided the perfect platform for the job.

**NEW**25th Hour Communications Brings Excellence In Earned Media To Community Colleges With Cision Communications Cloud® 

Most marketers and communications professionals struggle with the same issue: fitting in everything they need to accomplish within the confines of a given day. In order to fully be there for the organizations it supports, 25th Hour Communications has learned to put its trust in Cision.

Port of San Diego Navigates Media Trends And Opportunities With Cision Communications Cloud™ 

By using Cison Comms Cloud’s extensive search criteria and filters and other capabilities, for instance, the Port of San Diego communications team was able to develop a two-page media dashboard geared towards a C-suite audience.

Engaging Bloggers to Support Retail Communications 

Thirty-One Gifts turned to Cision Comms Cloud™, an all-in-one communications workflow platform, to get more done with limited time and resources.

Fingerpaint PR Demonstrates Value and Boosts Revenue 

Using Cision Communications Cloud, Fingerpaint PR streamlined its previously fragmented process, showing tangible results and ROI which led to new business wins.