Media companies are embracing native advertising, mobile compatibility and online video. But what does that mean for your organization?

Cision’s free State of the Media 2015 Report will help you understand the biggest changes, technologies and initiatives impacting the journalists, bloggers and influencers who tell our stories. Whether you’re a media industry professional who wants to identify significant opportunities for growth or a public relations professional who needs to keep outreach efforts competitive, this report has the data, insights and predictions you need to adapt your communications and content strategies.

Find out why Gannett and Tribune Co. are focusing on entertainment television. Understand why broadcast company Clear Channel rebranded as digital network iHeartMedia. See why content creators who aren’t focusing on mobile usage stand to get left behind. Our report covers these stories, plus:

  • The highlights, acquisitions and launches that defined the past year in media, according to Cision’s original reporting and research—including the headlines you may have missed
  • What the 200 journalists, bloggers and social influencers we surveyed say, in their own words, are the trends, business models and revenue opportunities to watch
  • Why outlets are focusing on native advertising, responsive design and digital integration more than ever
  • How reimagined newsrooms and new media entrepreneurs are evolving the traditional media landscape

… and much more. Get ahead with industry insights you won’t find anywhere else.

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