JetBlue Airways


JetBlue Airways offers flights to over 80 destinations with free inflight entertainment, free brand-name snacks and drinks, lots of legroom and award-winning service across the U.S., Caribbean and Latin America.

JetBlue needed a change in its PR strategy. The airline had found itself going back and forth between five separate vendors for its various PR needs. It was looking for a way to consolidate all of the platforms into one, comprehensive solution that would ultimately minimize the time spent in the PR life cycle.

We wanted a cost-effective, user-friendly solution that would allow us to save time bouncing back and forth between platforms.
—Mike Miller
Media Relations Manager

“We wanted a cost-effective, user-friendly solution that would allow us to save time bouncing between platforms,” said Mike Miller, Media Relations Manager for JetBlue. “Our current vendors, as a whole, were not getting the job done—a few weren’t user-friendly and when we had staff turnover we would have to teach our new employees five different interfaces.”

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Executive Summary

JetBlue Airways is a leading carrier in Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood, Boston, New York City, Los Angeles/Long Beach, Orlando and San Juan. JetBlue carries 30 million customers a year to 81 cities in the U.S., Caribbean and Latin America with an average of 750 daily flights.


JetBlue was looking to consolidate five separate PR software solutions into a single one that would allow the company to save time by eliminating the need to shuffle between multiple platforms.


Cision offered the airline a comprehensive solution with its media database, media monitoring and media distribution software. Using Cision’s Broadcast Monitoring tool, JetBlue can organize all their broadcast coverage to understand total impact, increase reach and analyze sentiment for each placement.

We were immediately impressed with the in-depth media details that could be found in the database and comprehensive coverage we would be able to monitor.
—Mike Miller
Media Relations Manager

The airline began looking at the available options for a comprehensive solution, and sought out Cision after a recommendation from two JetBlue team members who had previously used the software.

“When we looked at Cision, we were immediately impressed with the in-depth media details that could be found in the database, and the comprehensive coverage we would be able to monitor,” said Miller.

Miller also mentioned that usability was a factor in choosing Cision over the competing platforms. “There are a lot of products available, but a lot of them require you to figure out for yourself how to get the best use from them,” he said. “Since we require a lot of info on the fly and need to respond immediately to media mentions, we were seeking a solution we could dive into without any hassle.”

A simple, cost-effective solution: CisionPoint

JetBlue currently has access to Cision’s Media Database, Media Monitoring, Broadcast Monitoring and Press Release Distribution tools. The combination of these tools allows an international corporation, like JetBlue, to fold all its U.S., domestic and international influencers into Cision’s database and add them to distribution lists—something the airline was unable to do before.

We are really impressed with the ability to develop media lists quickly and have the option for custom lists at our fingertips.
—Mike Miller
Media Relations Manager

“The onboarding process with Cision was great,” said Miller. “The representative that we were working with answered all of our questions and the initial online training and tutorials have helped us make the transition period painless. We are using Cision the way that makes sense for us, and as we learn more about the software through more detailed trainings we are confident we will find it even more effective.”

“We are really impressed with the ability to develop media lists and identify influencers quickly with the option for custom lists at our finger tips,” Miller said. “The detailed press release pick-up report is also something that we find extremely useful and were not privvy to with our previous vendor.”

The press release pick-up report shows customers how their press release perfomed compared to past press releases, what time of the day the release received the most views, which news sites picked up their story and how much the release is being shared on social media.

“I would recommend Cision to anyone who is searching for a comprehensive solution that delivers customized results at a competitive price,” Miller said.

Once we loaded our content into Cision’s platform it began hitting the big name websites. We immediately saw an increase in all of our metrics. Since we started the Cision content marketing program, referral traffic to our website has increased by 20 percent.
- Daniel Durazo, Director of Communications
I am extremely pleased with Cision’s online media database and monitoring. I selected Cision after carefully considering all options because Cision offered the best quality products and services that fit my needs exactly.
- Jim McKinley, Public Relations Manager
A PR pro's greatest tool. Our AMP3 PR team uses Cision every day to stay in the know and up-to-date on media contacts in all industries and from all over.
- Alyson Roy, Co-Founder, AMP3
Just wanted to let you know that after using Cision for a while we love it. Thank you for helping us make the switch to you guys, it was worth it. The pub value information is much better and is making a big difference in our department.
- Sarah Todd-Evans, Communications Manager
Cision is a wonderful asset to CashNetUSA! We are able to find the right contacts quicker and more efficiently. Our customer service rep is available and helpful any time we have a question. He gets back to us immediately and always checks in with us. The database is constantly growing, helping us expand our outreach efforts and staying up-to-the-minute in media changes.
- Nivene Judeh, Content Marketing Analyst