Instagram for PR: 4 Campaigns to Spark Your Imagination!

Do your public relations campaigns target Millennials and Gen Nexters? Then you need to include Instagram in your PR strategies. Customize your strategy based on the successes of four top brands.

6 Tools for Generating News

You have to manage relationships, identify pitching opportunities and make sure that social doesn’t run amok. Wish you could do more in less time? Try these six tools that top PR pros use to maximize their efficiency.

Social Media Updates: World Cup Records, New Twitter Analytics and Instagram’s B’day

Because the updates roll out so quickly (and sometimes without much fanfare), it’s easy to miss the latest changes. The World Cup helps Facebook users break a record, Twitter rolls out a new analytics dashboard and Instagram turns four!

A Step-by-Step Guide to Calculating Press Release ROI

PR pros face pressure to show bottom-line results. If sending a release doesn’t result in a direct sale, how can you calculate ROI? Follow this step-by-step guide to easily measure your press releases' bottom-line performance.

6 Ways to Strengthen Influencer Relationships

PR pros have many approaches to influencer relations. Some cultivate relationships for months online, and others pitch out of the blue. Use these six tried and true methods for strengthening influencer relationships.

The Two Letters That Ensure Marketing and PR Failure

Two letters can ruin your PR and marketing communications strategies. Find out what those letters are, why they hurt your business and the easy solution to avoiding the two-letter terror and capturing your audience's attention.

How to Measure Your PR in 7 Steps

PR pros face scrutiny to show how their efforts impact the bottom line. But how can you determine the impact of increased engagement and exposure? Start measuring PR by following these seven steps.

IFTTT Recipes, Social’s ROI and Curation Tools: PR Advice from Sarah Evans

The ubiquity of digital and social media has sent PR into a state of flux, forcing PR pros to wear many new hats. Here's advice from Sarah Evans on the tools, tactics and best practices you'll need to succeed.

Before You Measure, Fix Your Marketing

Analytics prove marketing’s value but don’t work if your marketing isn't in order. Fix your marketing by using Avinash Kaushik's "see, think, do, care strategy." Once implemented, use Avinash's tips for how to measure properly.

How to Get Your Business Story In Google News

Ranking in Google is great, but it can take a while for organic SEO efforts to pay off. Appearing in Google News produces similar results in much shorter time. Find out several quick ways to get your story in Google News.

3…2…1…Blast Off Your Content Marketing With NASA 360’s Tips

Need help with your content marketing? Look to the stars. NASA 360 has attracted millions of engaged fans with a strong content and social media marketing mix. Here they share some of their best tips.

What’s the State of Public Relations in 2014? Find Out in Our Free Guide!

In the digital world, it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction. Vocus and Market Connections provide a clear view of the state of public relations with its survey of 325 mid- and senior level marketing and PR professionals.

An Immutable Law of Branding: Focus

There’s too much media. Too much noise. How do we cut through the clutter and garner the attention and sales we desire? Laura Ries says stop trying to be everything to everyone and focus.

Who Will Win the World Cup? Marketers.

Though no one knows who will take home the World Cup trophy, one group has already won: marketers. Sports and events marketing is a huge opportunity for all brands...not just the biggest corporations.

The ‘Entourage’ Method for Marketing to Millennials and Niches

What can an actor teach you about marketing? When it's Adrian Grenier, quite a bit. The star of HBO's hit show 'Entourage' discussed his personal projects and his tactics for reaching Millennials and niches.

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