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The 2024 State of the Media Report

Get actionable insight from 3,000+ journalists on what they truly want and need from PR teams.

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Digital Online Newsroom, IR and ESG Website

Deliver engaging, compliant, custom, digital online newsroom and IR and ESG websites—designed, built, hosted and supported by communications experts.
A Cision IR Website is a turnkey solution for delivering an investor relations microsite that attracts, informs and impresses shareholder and investor audiences—while being easy-to-use and maintain.

Distribute your news and update your website in the same workflow

When you release your earnings or break a news story—you want everyone to see the headline, read the details and get more info.

Making sure your latest news is immediately available on your website sounds simple and seems obvious—because of course you want your latest earnings release published on your main website. Yet for many organizations that’s challenging at best—the process to get something posted involves web teams, review cycles and time that communications teams just don’t have.

When you publish your organization’s news over the wire, you want the release to be immediately, seamlessly and automatically available on your website.

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Why Cision?

Cision has the strategic communications expertise and deep technical capability to design, build and host your newsroom, IR website, and ESG microsite. And when you distribute your news with PR Newswire, it can instantly and automatically post to your website.

That’s why hundreds of Fortune 500 companies—including NYSE, NASDAQ and OTC-listed businesses—have trusted Cision to build, host, maintain and manage their specialized websites.

Cision's turnkey microsite solutions combine 65 years of strategic communications and investor relations expertise with leading-edge technologies and focused services including:

  • Custom development. Work directly with our expert web designers to create a branded microsite that seamlessly integrates with your main website—your url or domain is what displays and the look and feel mirrors your main site.
  • Automatic press release posting. When used with PR Newswire, press releases are instantly and automatically posted to your microsite at the time of distribution.
  • Complete, granular content control. Add or change content any time via an easy-to-use content management system (CMS) portal (with 24/7 training and support).
  • Built-in analytics. Evaluate content performance, identify targets for PR and marketing campaigns, and tie ROI to your strategic communications efforts.
  • SOC 2 Type II compliant hosting. Protect your microsite, web content and data in line with the highest security standards.

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Alison Ford

Manager, Corporate and Public Affairs

TD Bank Group

We’ve always had a news release page on our external site that was managed by Cision. Anytime TD would have a news release, Cision would automatically post that news release on our website. It saves us time and has been so helpful to have it so timely.
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Ashley Leopoulos

Public Relations Manager

Simmons Bank

There are two things that I really appreciate about our websites: the integration of technology, like the fact that our existing media monitoring and our PR Newswire content communicate with the new website, and the ease of use. It has not been another full-time job to manage this website. I'm grateful for that.

Attract investors and cultivate shareholder confidence with a compelling, compliant IR Website

Your IR website is in a constant, high-stakes competition to grab and hold investor, analyst and journalist attention. It needs to provide easy access to quarterly earnings statements and other material news, up-to-date financials, event replays, stock information and more. And it needs to combine and present these and other assets in a way that tells your company’s financial story as you want it told, while also satisfying all disclosure and compliance requirements.

A Cision IR Website is a turnkey solution for delivering an investor relations microsite that attracts, informs and impresses shareholder and investor audiences—while being easy-to-use and maintain. Cision provides:
  • Custom site design that tells your story. Our designers work with you to build an IR site that highlights your unique appeal to investors, while matching your main website’s look and feel.
  • Automated IR workflow. When used together with Cision PR Newswire, your material news releases are automatically posted to the IR News section of your site at the same time they’re distributed to the media and filed with the SEC.
  • Tools investors expect. Use customizable widgets to add stock calculators, historical price lookups, interactive financial reports and other tools that let visitors help themselves to information—and keep them on your site.

Built-in analytics, targeting and outreach capabilities. Identify the banks, funds and media that visit and read your pages. Tie spikes and dips in activity to specific IR events and campaigns. Subscribe visitors to email alerts on earning news, SEC filings and more.

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Showcase your company’s ESG strategy and commitment

Investor and customer demand for ESG transparency continues to grow—82% of asset managers now include ESG considerations in their assessment and investment process3. By sharing your ESG story on your website, you can demonstrate your commitment to ESG initiatives, inspire increased confidence among analysts and investors and take control of your ESG narrative.

A Cision ESG Website lets you create a dynamic, branded hub for your ESG news and highlights, annual reports and other ESG-related content and resources—either within your IR Website or as a separate ESG microsite. Like IR Websites, ESG Websites include custom microsite design, development and hosting services. And when used together with Cision PR Newswire, every ESG-related press release and disclosure automatically posts to your ESG hub at the time of distribution.

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Former Equity Analyst
Just like all other fundamental research, you have to go digging for ESG data when preparing analysis. A dedicated website where all this information lives is much appreciated and helps with the analysis workflow.
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Ed Bilek

EVP, Director of Investor Relations

Simmons Bank

The customer service has been phenomenal—more than what we could have expected. The designs have been perfect, and being able to change things when we want to change them and call in if we need help, along with the training and the ability to look at the data…we got everything we wanted and more.

Turn your company news page into a dynamic, brand-building online newsroom

With the right solution, your newsroom can be organized to extend beyond cataloging your press releases to reinforce your brand story with curated content. You can provide journalists, influencers, customers and every other person in your target audience fast access to news and related resources. Reinforce media and marketing campaigns with a landing page to host related press releases, multimedia content, case studies, event recordings and more.

Cision MediaRoom is a branded, fully-hosted, state-of-the-art online newsroom backed by Cision PR experience and expertise. With MediaRoom you can count on:

  • Rapid microsite deployment. We're online newsroom experts—we deliver hundreds of online newsrooms every year, and can build and launch your newsroom faster than almost any internal or third-party vendor.
  • Automatic press release posting and archiving. News distributed through PR Newswire will simultaneously post to your newsroom.
  • Immediate changes. Adjustments are posted right away, not in a few days, weeks or months.
  • Direct social media sharing. Connect your social media handles to your newsroom and automatically share your news across platforms.
  • Intelligent analytics and reporting. Determine the content that's driving journalists and influencers to your site, and driving results for your PR and marketing campaigns.
  • Surprising savings. Cision MediaRoom's turnkey solution includes design services, advanced site features, and dedicated 24/7 support for a fraction of the typical cost.
  • Support for custom campaign content. Use Cision MultiChannel News Release (MNR) to create branded landing pages with multimedia content to support specific media and marketing campaigns.
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