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Cision and Dow Jones have joined forces to elevate your communications strategy.

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Shape the future of your brand. In real-time.

To navigate today’s media more effectively, it takes a new kind of platform. 

One powered by AI to discover all the stories that impact your brand and uncover the true intent behind people’s words, instantly.

One that gives you real-time insights to make better, faster decisions—wherever you are.  

A platform that helps you keep pace with today’s media and empowers you to perfect the very human art of communication. CisionOne.






Meet CisionOne

See more. Know more. Do more.

Discover the Stories That Impact Your Brand. In Real-Time.

CisionOne Monitoring. See the most relevant news, trends and conversations that matter to your brand with the world’s most comprehensive monitoring service.

CisionOne offers complete coverage of global, local and niche media and real-time mention streams so you can make faster, more-informed decisions. 
  • Global media monitoring across 196 countries in 69 languages — with Cision exclusive access to over 1,000 publications
  • Unlimited mention streams that enable you to track campaigns, competitors and industry themes
  • Better understanding of performance with custom measurement dashboards that capture 20 expert-defined metrics
  • Instant sharing of key coverage and reports via email, Microsoft Teams and Slack
  • A mobile app that keeps you and your leadership team informed—wherever you are
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Uncover the True Intent Behind People’s Words. At Scale. 

CisionOne Instant Insights. Get the insight you need to more deeply understand the true intent behind individual mentions and potential risk behind every word.

CisionOne’s proprietary AI models are trained on Cision’s data, the world’s largest PR, comms and marketing data set generating the industry's most accurate and reliable AI results.

Brand Risk Score

Unlock a new way to identify and mitigate potentially harmful content, like hate speech, fake news, controversy, sarcasm and spam. 

  • Instantly identify content that could potentially harm your brand
  • Get critical, up-to-the-minute insights
  • Reduce the risk of human bias and error


Coming Soon. Go beyond sentiment analysis and understand the true intent behind people’s words about topics, brands, companies, and individuals.

  • Evaluate language in relation to a subject, target or proposition
  • Reduce the risk of human bias and error
  • Free up valuable time you and your team can use to optimise strategies

Narrative Tracking

Coming soon. Uncover meaningful narratives as they emerge, through mentions and across platforms, and identify the influencers shaping these stories. 

  • Track relevant stories across platforms and continents
  • Identify public narratives as they emerge
  • Access a clearer, less biased view of content
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Get the clarity you – and your leadership team – need to make better, faster decisions, wherever you are, with instant alerts of key coverage and reports via email, mobile, Microsoft Teams or Slack.
Accelerate Decision-Making

Connect with the Right People to Amplify Your Stories. Effortlessly.

CisionOne Outreach. Proactively discover the journalists and influencers who will tell your story best with the world's most accurate, global database of AI and human-validated media profiles.

CisionOne’s pioneering AI-research signals, simple yet powerful search, filtering and distribution capabilities help you build valuable relationships.
Contact Data You Can Trust 
  • Over 850,000 up-to-date media profiles
  • Revolutionary AI algorithms signal changes in journalists’ home outlets and beats and help you discover journalists you need to know
  • Data validation by a global in-house team of 120+ researchers fluent in 20 languages
  • Fully compliant contact data that follows strict privacy protocols
Branded Distribution Tools and Engagement Metrics
  • Simple, branded and personalised press release creation and distribution
  • Message amplification across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn with scheduled social posting
  • Effortless tracking of journalist engagement; open rates, link clinks and more
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Giving you new ways to see more of what you need to know, when you need to know it, freeing up valuable time to craft strategies and stories that shape the future of your brand.
Perfect the Very Human Art of Communication



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With media, brand storytelling and audience perceptions constantly evolving, the time to know more and do more is now. Connect with us today to better connect with your audience.

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