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The 2024 State of the Media Report

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The PR Tools Cision Customers Love Most (and Why)

This Valentine’s Day, Cision is feeling the love – and spreading the joy – from our amazing customers. Nothing brings us more joy than knowing we’ve made our customers’ lives easier and their jobs more enjoyable in some way, shape or form (it’s the whole reason we do what we do). In the spirit of the holiday, we want to share some of the wonderful things our customers had to say – through our Cision City community and on review site G2 – about the Cision solutions they love most and why:

Media Database

  • “The thing I like most about Cision is the vastness of its journalist contact database. As a PR professional, it allows me to comb whatever beat, location, DMA, reach, outlet, and so much more to pinpoint the reporters that can best cover my clients.”
  • “It is so easy to curate lists customized for each press release we send, and the platform is very intuitive.”
  • “Saves SO much time when it comes to finding the right media to pitch.”

Media Monitoring

  • “I use Cision for the media monitoring element, and I've always been super pleased with the service. Cision covers an expansive list of media outlets, and I've found that the team will work its hardest to add outlets for us.”
  •  “Cision's monitoring platform is our favorite and most-used product. Without it we would not know the full extent of our earned media coverage, especially for some of our larger campaigns, which frequently get picked up without notice. We enjoy creating multiple dashboards and reports to share with key personnel to promote our successes.”
  • “It was very easy to set up our Cision media monitoring dashboard. It's also very easy to go in and make new searches and edit searches. The customer service has been fantastic as well -- from set up through to continually asking how they can help us more. I really appreciate the highly professional and responsive level of customization and client service.”


  • “The email analytics tells us who opened our pitch, who clicked on a link in the pitch, who didn't open the pitch and more. This allows my team to strategically follow-up with media, re-sending the pitch to non-opens with a new subject line, following up individually with media who opened and clicked a link, etc.”
  • “Cision's capabilities and support are unparalleled. As an award-winning PR firm, we rely on Cision for all of our press releases and media contacts. Cision offers the best database of press contacts and outlets that I've seen. Our press releases consistently garner decent pickup and media coverage, and I'm able to reach out to any media contact I need.”

Cision Communications Cloud

  • “Cision is a one-stop-shop for public relations and marketing information! I use it as a directory, a research tool, and a support system for my public relations initiatives. I am a legacy client who was previously with Bacon's, which basically means our company has been using this service for twenty years!”
  • “As a start-up, every dollar counts, [and] it is vital to ‘get the word out’ especially for a new emerging business model. The Cision Cloud is one cost-effective tool we use to gain needed visibility, in a format where we can control the message and not have to depend on a high priced ‘specialist’ firm.”
  • "I like having my dashboard set up the way that I find it most valuable, with SOV set up to track monthly and quarterly, based upon the competitors that I need to compare against. I also like that I can tag specific articles that are associated with different press pushes, so that I can keep an eye on those specifically and keep them away from all the other random mentions when I'm trying to report out on the results.”
  • “The ease of finding media with their preferred pitching profile allows my team to make better and more informed decisions on how and to whom we reach out. Additionally, the service provides excellent data collection, making our KPI reports and data provided to clients more impactful.”
  • “Cision provides a user-friendly platform that visualizes data and information in a digestible style, offering analyses that sets the platform apart from basic media monitoring providers. I like the functionality, the ability to track messaging and to better identify what is performing well and where improvements can be made with earned media coverage. The platform also provides insights on social amplification and what content is driving actions that are improving metrics on your website.”

We don’t say it enough, but we love our customers here at Cision, and there’s no greater thrill than knowing when the feeling is mutual. On behalf of Cision, thank you to our customers for making every day feel a little bit like Valentine’s Day.

Mary Lorenz

Mary Lorenz is Editorial Director at Cision and writes about best practices and thought leadership for marketing, communications and public relations professionals. She has a background in marketing, public relations and journalism and over 15 years of experience in copywriting and content strategy across a variety of platforms, industries and audiences.