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Despite the newspaper industry’s gloom, its blogs are thriving

In a quiet coda to a rough year for the newspaper industry, a couple of days before Christmas, the Pew Research Center released the results of a study indicating that for the first time, the Internet has surpassed newspapers as a source of national and international news for Americans (though it still trails television by a wide margin, according to the study).

In 2008, media industry news sources like Cision’s Navigator were busy  tracking countless buyouts and layoffs at newspapers. The new year seems to offer little reprieve: Barclays Capital released a study in December that predicted newspaper advertising revenue will plummet by 17 percent, or more than $28 billion, in 2009. And if you look at the small blogospheric whirlwind caused by a recent piece in the New York Times about a community newspaper publisher who eschews the Web entirely, it seems like newspaper executives are being branded as out of touch with the shift. But actually, a great many of them seem to get it, as evidenced by the lively networks of blogs that have flourished on newspaper sites in the past year.

The sheer quantity of blogs affiliated with newspapers is impressive. Cision’s media database lists more than 10,000 influential blogs, and about 1,000 of those are hosted on newspaper Web sites. Here, we’d like to highlight 10 newspapers whose blog networks have breathed new life into their coverage, and could represent the future of news. These sites host dozens of blogs written by both the newspapers’ staffs and their readers. To illustrate how much buzz they’re generating, we’ve ranked them according to how many mentions each site has received in the past month on all blogs and social networks tracked by Cision Social Media Dashboard. (We skipped blog networks with national audiences like those of the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today).

Cision Blog’s Top 10 Newspaper Blog Networks

  1. The Baltimore Sun
  2. The Miami Herald
  3. The Houston Chronicle
  4. The Oregonian
  5. The St. Petersburg Times
  6. The Birmingham News, Mobile Press-Register and Huntsville Times
  7. The Arizona Republic
  8. The Minneapolis Star-Tribune
  9. The Austin American-Statesman
  10. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

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  1. Brandon says:

    When newspapers first started using the web, they were just rehashing their print stories to the web. In fact, many papers still do that. Now they’re starting to catch on and realize that the web is its own entity and a place for INTERACTION, not just an electronic paper – hence the explosion of blogs and commenting systems.

    I don’t see the printed page going anywhere too soon, but I think we’ll definitely see a revolution in online versions of print newspapers in the next couple of years.

    Tweet Man says:

    These are certainly challenging times for newspapers. It seems that most waited too long to commit significant resources toward building an online presence. It’s interesting to consider that many older, traditional newspaper journalists must now cover their beats, write their stories, AND promote their stories via website apps and social media. Even though computers are here to make things easier, everyone must work harder to “cover all of the bases.”

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