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Understanding Today’s Media: Insights from Top Journalists

Join this panel with top journalists to explore findings from the 2024 State of the Media Report.

The 2024 State of the Media Report

Get actionable insight from 3,000+ journalists on what they truly want and need from PR teams.

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AI Trends 2024: What's Ahead for PR and Comms?

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After a year in which generative AI tools like ChatGPT, Google Bard, Bing Chat and DALLE-2 have experience exponential growth and, in the process, significantly reshaped PR and comms, where does that leave us as we head into 2024? In this webinar, experts from across tech, PR and communications looked at the artificial intelligence trends they expect to see emerge in the next year – and how they will have an impact on the PR and comms industry. 

The panel discussed several topics including:

  • How AI will create opportunities for PR and comms teams – and how it could create challenges
  • AI’s impact on the news cycle – and how PR and comms teams can combat the spread of misinformation
  • Staying agile and navigating the ongoing developments in AI technology – and the regulations around them

The webinar also included an audience Q&A, in which our panelists answered burning questions from PR and comms professionals.


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Meet the Speakers

Genelle Aldred headshot
Genelle Aldred (Host)
Broadcaster and Communications Consultant
Antony Cousins headshot
Antony Cousins
Executive Director of AI Strategy
Andrew Bruce Smith headshot
Andrew Bruce Smith
Chair, CIPR - Chartered Institute of Public Relations
Allison Spray headshot
Allison Spray
Global Head of Intel+Tech Innovation
Hill+Knowlton Strategies