Revisiting the Top 100 Social Media & Internet Marketing Bloggers

This post was written by Valerie Lopez, Director of Media Research for Cision US.

Back in January 2009, CisionBlog blogger Jay Krall compiled a list of Top 100 Social Media and Internet Marketing  Bloggers based on unique visitors and inbound links. It got me thinking, what if Web metrics were used to compile a new list? Would the top 100 dramatically change? Cision’s recent partnership with Compete provided me with the data needed to conduct my experiment.

For this particular list, four Web audience metrics were chosen to weigh equally in this analysis: Average Unique Visitors per Month (available in CisionPoint), Average Page Views per Month per Unique Visitor, Average Time (seconds) per Month per Unique Visitor, and Average Visits per Month per Unique Visitor. Using Cision’s media database, I was able to find over 400 blogs covering social media, online marketing and the tech industry as a whole. From there, I drilled it down to the ones that primarily focused on social media and online marketing.  Next, I ranked the blogs based on the four metrics provided by Compete. Here are the results. (Quick note: ladies are represented well on this list. Almost half of the top 50 are blogs either written by a woman or have at least one woman blogger.)

Disclaimer: a question we’ve addressed often on this blog and in many of our free Cision Webinars is, with all the metrics available for determining influence on the social Web, how can you determine which blogs really matter? Unfortunately there isn’t one metric that serves as a reliable indicator. As Jay noted in his last post, influence is subjective by nature and we’ve read a lot of great posts by bloggers who didn’t make the list. Some of them wield more influence in social media education endeavors outside of their blogs, such as conferences, Webinars, podcasts and white papers.

Top 100 Social Media & Internet Marketing Bloggers

1. Mashable
2. ignite social media
3. Problogger
4. ReadWriteWeb
5. MediaShift
6. Danny Brown
7. aimClear Blog
8. Seth Godin’s Blog
9. Social Media Today
10. Social Business
11. Ogilvy PR 360 Digital Influence Blog
12. HubSpot Internet Marketing Blog
13. Inside Facebook
15. Small Business Search Marketing
16. digiday:DAILY
17. Dealer Refresh
18. Threeminds
20. Daily Blog Tips
21. Josh’s Unconventional Marketing Blog
22. Journalistics
23. MattFlies
24. Winning the Web
25. PR 2.0
26. Social Media Explorer
27. Convince & Convert
28. Marketing Pilgrim
29. Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang
30. CisionBlog
31. Conversation Marketing
32. Max Gladwell
33. PRBreakfastClub
34. The Social
35. The Profitable Podcast
36. Marketing Profs Daily Fix
37. Six Pixels of Seperation
38. A Shel of My Former Self
39. The Marketing Technology Blog
40. Personal Branding Blog
41. How to Change the World
42. .edu Guru
43. Peter Shankman
44. Beth’s Blog: How Nonprofits can use Social Media
45. Sociable Blog
46. Being Peter Kim
47. The Altimeter by Charlene Li
48. SocialMouths
49. Conversation Agent
50. Old Media, New Tricks
52. Altitude Branding
53. PR Squared
54. Scobleizer
55. Regular Geek
56. Creativity_Unbound
57. Logic + Emotion
58. FreshNetworks Blog
59. Lip-Sticking
60. SheGeeks
61. Internet Marketing with Matt Bacak
62. Buzz Marketing for Technology
63. PRSarahEvans
64. The Buzz Bin
65. The Marketing Eggspert
66. PR Communications
67. Successful Blog
68. Anil Dash’s Blog
69. Jacob Morgan
71. Twitterati
72. Global Neighbourhoods
74. SearchFuel
75. Find and Convert
76. Social Media Optimization
77. Inside the Marketers Studio
78. The Social Path
79. The Social Media Marketing Blog
80. brentcsutoras
81. PR 2.0 Strategies
82. A. Fine Blog
83. Twittercism
84. Valley PR Blog
85. What’s Next Blog
86. MediaFuturist
87. The Proactive Report
88. Culture Buzz
89. Groundswell
90. Spark Minute
91. Marketing Nirvana
92. Capture the Conversation
93. One Degree
94. A Relationship Economy
95. Fast Wonder
96. Social Media Vision
97. ConverStations
98. Open Forum Blog
99. TwiTip
100. DygiScape

  • I tend to write more about strategy than marketing now a days but you may find it tangentially interesting, or you may not – I also tend not to agree with a lot of the breathless optimism around social media, yes it’s going to change the world of business but not many people realize how deeply it is going to change society and culture. We are like fish in a fishbowl and we can’t see the water.

    Peace out!

    • Hi Karl, Thanks for writing and thanks for the link to your blog. Great stuff! I agree that social media is going to change society and culture, in fact, I think it already has. Look at how Twitter has helped earthquake victims. Thanks for visiting and happy blogging!

  • Valerie, Thanks for including SocialMouths in a list full of amazing blogs, some of them we actually follow and respect and others I’m still not familiar with but looking forward to visiting.

    Thank you,

    • Hi Francisco, Thanks for writing! There are so many great blogs that didn’t make our list that are definitly worth following. I discover new social media blogs (well new to me) every day!

  • Hey there Valerie,

    I saw this list from a visitor log on my blog, and almost had to look twice to see if it was in reverse listing 🙂

    Thanks for the details on how you gathered the information, and of course the disclosure that some folks do more on the outside of their blogs than on them, which could affect “positions”.

    Nice to see that folks are enjoying my blog, and encourages me to reach even higher as far as content goes and try not to slack.

    Looking forward to checking out the ones I don’t know, and here’s to the strong showing of social media ladies as well 🙂



    • Thanks for writing, Danny! Influence is subjective by nature and we felt adding a disclosure was important. And yes, here’s to the ladies! It was a very pleasant finding. Take care and great blog! 🙂

  • Awesome listing — so glad you included Danny Brown’s blog in here. His is one of my favs!

    • Hey Sasha – Thanks for the comment! There are so many great blogs out there it’s hard to keep up with them. You should see my RSS reader! Hopefully our list introduced you to a few you’re not familiar with.

  • Valerie, thank you for including my site in your list. I am honored.

  • Wow. I’ll admit being surprised that I’m not on this list, since I was on the 2009 list and my activity has increased substantially since then…

    But I’m actually more surprised that TopRank isn’t on this list at all. Lee, Adam, and co. do a stellar job and definitely should be in the top!

    I know I opted out of Cision communications (sorry.. I don’t do the press release thing 😉 ) but I’m commenting to confirm that that has something to do with it. I notice that you used your database, so thus, I guess we’re automatically excluded…?

    • Hi Tamar, thanks so much for writing! You’re correct, we used our media database as a basis for this list. I’m a huge fan of your blog Techipedia and I know there are a lot of other fantastic social media blogs that are not mentioned. As for TopRank, you’re so right, they deserve a shout out! For this particular list, we left off blogs that focused a bit more on SEO. Unfortunately, TopRank, Search Engine Land and SEOmoz Blog (just to name a few) were left off. Thanks again for your comments!

  • Nice list. Hope I can be included next year!

    PR at Sunrise –

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  • Valerie, thanks so much for including MattFlies on such a prestigious list. Just goes to show that hard work really does pay off.

    I’m more than honored to be mentioned with the other names in this list. My sincerest thanks!

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  • Jay

    I had to search this article 3 or 4 times to be sure, but how can you not list Shoemoney if you’re listing the top 100?

    This makes the entire list seem fairly questionable.

    • Hi Jay, Thanks for your comment! For this particular list we chose blogs that focused a bit more on social media news and left off blogs that mostly covered SEO and affiliate marketing. (Although I know there can be an overlap when it comes to these topics.) Sorry that wasn’t mentioned in my post. Influence is definitely subjective by nature and I know our list left off some great influential blogs, Shoemoney is definitely one of them. Thanks again for your comment!

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  • Great list! Thanks for providing. Check out our blog, too, when you have a chance. Sorry for the blatant self-promotion but we’re very passionate about our content and think you will be too!

    • Thanks for writing, Debbie. Great blog and interesting post on organic search and PPC advertising. I rarely click on sponsored links. After my last computer virus episode, my trust is with organic placement 🙂

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  • Proud to see in the Top 100. I'll be actively filling up my RSS Reader this afternoon.

  • Hi thanks for this list, very helpful.

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