c-suite-social-mediaYou already know that social media is a very powerful and cost-effective tool.  But if your C-suite doesn’t fully “get” it, pitching social media to them might feel like an intimidating, uphill battle.

To help you out, we created the best practices “Selling the C-Suite on Social Media” tip sheet to help you make the case for implementing a social media PR and marketing plan within your organization.

The tip sheet walks you through how to leverage your existing social media activities, set qualitative and quantitative goals and measure your social media impact, and make your case to the C-suite in the language of business, dollars and cents.  Properly laying this groundwork will make your case stronger and more relevant.

Social media platforms are empowering PR pros to play bigger roles in their organization than ever before.  Prove the worth of social media to top management while increasing your own value to the organization.

Download “Selling the C-Suite on Social Media

About Brandon Andersen

Brandon is the Director of Marketing at Cision US. In his role, Brandon leads Cision’s US marketing team and develops strategies for engaging marketing and PR professionals. He is a host of the popular Cision Webinar series, and blogs about everything from inbound/content marketing tactics to future trends in communication and technology on Cision Blog. Find him on Twitter @brandonchicago