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The best blog post I read this week was Class of 2011: If Social Media Were a High School via Flowtown because it’s a creative way to show all the different social media sites, and how they even have their own stereotypes.

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Everything a Marketer Should Know About QR Codes via Hubspot

“Barcodes, QR codes, readers, 2D barcodes (have you ever seen a 3D barcode?). There’s a lot of debate in the marketing world about just how useful these scan-able images can be for businesses, and that debate continued on the May 13th episode of HubSpot’s Marketing Update with Karen Rubin and Mike Volpe. Opinions ranged from ‘who would waste their time using those?!’ to ‘I just don’t think marketers have figured out how to use them yet.’”

How to Land the First PR Job by Cassandra Bianco for The Buzz Bin

“Hello recent college grads. You are tugging on my heart strings.

It was only a few years back that I too partook in the surreal experience. Though elated, we all had one itchy thought permeating our celebration. On the stadium-sized screens, out of hundreds, the film crew focused on one girl’s cap, which in neon orange read, “HIRE ME?” I reminisce only happy thoughts, but still, this moment stands out the most.

In Amy Poehler’s speech to Harvard grads, she gives some superb wise words. She has inspired me to pass along some insider info.”

75 of the Best B2B Facebook Marketing Tips via Social Media B2B

“Many B2B marketers approach Facebook with the knowledge of how to maintain a personal profile, but still shake their heads at how to get results from a business Page for their B2B company. There are two basic things you need to know about managing a Facebook Page for a B2B company. The first is that you must post compelling content that people who like the Page will engage with. This is especially true since Facebook introduced the EdgeRank algorithm, which only shows popular content in the newsfeed. The second thing to know is that you need to include calls to action, both on the Page and ones that drive traffic back to your company website.”

17 Tips To Shorten Tweets via Social Media Today

“If you’ve ever been frustrated by trying to cut those last few characters out of a tweet so you can send away, this post is for you. It’s hard enough to cut tweets to the general 140 character limit, much less the recommended 120 characters or less needed to leave room for others to retweet you, so I created this guide to help.

There’s plenty of general advice about keeping tweets short, but without specific examples, rules such as “omit needless words” are hard to grasp. Thus, I’ve searched Right Source Marketing’s tweetsmy own tweets, and some of our clients’ tweets to collect examples to take specific action to follow all of this general advice.  Following this advice will not only help you become a better tweeter, but in many cases, a better writer (Copyblogger’s take on this).

A note of caution: be careful not to abbreviate your tweets to the point that their meaning is warped, or totally lost. It doesn’t matter how easy to retweet you are if no one understands what you’re trying to say.”

And a recap of what happened on Cision Blog

5 Really, Really Ridicuously Good Looking Blog Posts You Might Have Missed Last Week

“The best blog post I read this week was PR/Agency People are Awesome on UnMarketing. We read so many stories on how PR folks do things wrong, it was refreshing to read how an agency did an ‘awesome’ job.”

5 More Common Blogging SEO Mistakes

“Last week we presented 5 Common SEO Mistakes Bloggers Make.  Today we are covering 5 more SEO mistakes that are fairly common throughout the blogosphere.

Check out these common SEO mistakes and then look at your own blog.  If you notice that your blog makes similar mistakes, don’t worry, they are easily correctible.  If you don’t currently make any of these mistakes, give yourself a gold star and a pat on the back.”

Pitching Newspapers & Magazines: Tips from an editor & reporter

“When a frequent recipient of press releases and pitches speaks, it pays to listen. The South Florida Sun Sentinel’s society scene editor, Meredith Clements, recently talked about the best strategies to pitching a reporter/editor. Here are some helpful tips that came out of our conversation:

  1. Starting with the subject line of your email, make sure header you are clear and direct.
  2. Create pitches that are accessible, thoughtful and sensitive to how busy and stressful it is to be an editor.
  3. Don’t be demanding, rude, ungrateful or act entitled.
  4. Don’t send pitches to more than one editor at a time. “There’s something to be said for a personalized pitch,” Clements said.

Clements adds, ‘The easier it is for me to access the pitch, the more likely I’ll respond and/or consider the request.'” The Search Engines make nice to bring more relevant search results

“Up until a week ago today, Google, Yahoo! and Bing were requesting that structured data be entered differently for each site. Now, after a (surprising) joint announcement about a new site called and a new common vocabulary for web page design that helps to categorize your site or page into the type of content that it is, it’s easier than ever to tell the search engines what the subject of your content is.  Whether it be a restaurant review, video clip, place or event, the search engines are making nice to bring the user a more relevant search experience.

Disclaimer: With the examples below, my intention is not to give our audience a lesson in how to write microcode for your website, blog, or the press release posted on your website (I wouldn’t have a clue), but to give you an understanding of how this type of data can help you garner the results that you are looking to achieve.”

Who Needs PR Measurement? – A Video Chat with Cision Global Analysts’ K.C. Brown

“Yesterday, Cision announced Cision Global Analysts, a business unit that will deliver custom research and strategic insights based on analysis and measurement of the outcomes of news and social media coverage. It fully integrates the company’s research experts, services and tools. Heading up the group is General Manager K.C. Brown, who was most recently Cision’s Senior Vice President of Analysis Services.”'

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