5 More Common Blogging SEO Mistakes

SEO mistakes made by bloggers

Oops! Have you made any of these common SEO mistakes?

Last week we presented 5 Common SEO Mistakes Bloggers Make.  Today we are covering 5 more SEO mistakes that are fairly common throughout the blogosphere.

Check out these common SEO mistakes and then look at your own blog.  If you notice that your blog makes similar mistakes, don’t worry, they are easily correctible.  If you don’t currently make any of these mistakes, give yourself a gold star and a pat on the back. 🙂

1. Hosting a blog on a free blogging site

There are a lot of great free blogging sites out there, and if you’re just getting into blogging and want to try some things out, they are a great place to start.  However, when you are ready to get serious about blogging or have a company blog, you will want to host your own blog with your own catchy domain name.

Hosting your own blog lets you take full advantage of your blogging software and gives you more options to customize your blog to more fully reflect your brand and personality.

2. Not using an SEO plugin

There’s a lot going on behind-the-scenes of a website or blog.  Adding an SEO plugin to your blog will help search engines more easily read and index your blog content.  If you’re using WordPress, I recommend using All in One SEO Pack for WordPress.

3. Not including a Meta Description

Meta descriptions are a relic from the good old days of web programming that are still relevant today.  Meta descriptions are invisible to users who are reading your posts, but they play an important role in search engine results pages.  Your meta description is your “elevator pitch” to users on a search results page.

Example of how a meta description appears in search results

Example of how a meta description appears in search results

By using an SEO plugin, you can write up a custom, eye-catching meta description in under 160 characters.  And remember to use your keywords in the meta description, as search engines will highlight the keywords that users searched for (like “media database” above).

4. Having a blog that isn’t mobile friendly

Search engines give more weight to mobile-friendly websites for users who are searching on a mobile device.   Also, when users come to a site via mobile devices, they are often on a slower connection than they would have on a desktop.  A site that is optimized for mobile devices will be more user-friendly and load quicker than the desktop version.  The result: a happy reader.

If you have a WordPress blog, you can download a mobile plugin such as WordPress Mobile Version, that will create a mobile version of your blog for you.

5. Not being social

Bloggers are part of a community, whether they know it or not.  Engaging with other blogs will help get your blog discovered and increase the likelihood that other bloggers will link to it and share it on social media sites.  This engagement is a sign to search engines that people like your blog and that it should start weighing your blog more heavily in results.

Get engaged and become a part of the larger community.  No blog is an island.

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  1. thehotiron@dunkirksystems.com'
    Mike Maddaloni says:

    These are all great… and you could have just stopped at #1!

    I have found those who build a "free" blog are getting their money's worth. They don't have skin in the game, not to mention control over what it looks like or behaves. Blogger and the like are strewn with abandoned blogs.


  2. @brandonchicago says:

    Thanks for the feedback, Mike! Those free blogging sites do serve an important purpose of getting people familiar with blogging or creating small personal blogs that are only shared with a small group.

    But if you want to take blogging really seriously, and you're hoping to increase your audience, putting some skin in the game and hosting it yourself is the way to go.

    • @brandonchicago says:

      Thanks for sharing your post with us @Shonali. Very well done. Hopefully @bdorman264 takes your advice, but the problem he may face will be in getting 301 redirects on all of his posts to a new domain name.

      That's one of the biggest problems with those free sites…your content is basically stuck there and you're going to lose all of your link juice once you leave to your own domain if you can't get 301 redirects. Host it yourself to begin with and you won't have that problem.

  3. @mollask says:

    I actually disagree with #1. I've a posterous blog, with my own domain name associated with it. I can use all images, CSS and some HTML from my corporate site to "Skin" the blog to look like the Corp site. Google Analytics can also be integrated. Blogger also lets one skin their blog and point DNS to it – and of course Google will give you lots of stats as they own the platform. Also depending on the frequency of your blogging, the free platforms, won't go against your hosting storage.

    I do sell a CMS package that comes with blogging and generally recommend this solution, but will counsel clients towards Posterous or Blogger, if that's all they really need.

    • @brandonchicago says:

      Thanks for your feedback Douglas. Free blogging sites offer more and more features and are generally a little easier to set up than setting up hosting, your domain name and a CMS. And there are some great blogs like yours out there that are hosted on these types of sites.

      From and SEO point of view, I prefer hosting your own site because you can make high level changes to your blog that aren't available with free blogging services – like 301 redirects for content, being able to make back-ups of your content, being able to use some great SEO plugins that make your content easier to find, and being able to edit the HTML template of your blog (which Posterous wisely allows you to do, while some others don't).

      The other complaint that I hear from bloggers is that some free blogging sites won't allow you to host a commercial blog on their site or put advertising on your blog.

      If you host your own blog, you don't have any of these restrictions.

  4. cm_03@live.com'
    Christopher Minaya says:

    This is great. I plan to try all of five steps. I become so discouraged that I stopped posting. I wrongly presumed that good writing would automatically build a good readership. Hope they work for me.

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