Vocus State of the Media Report

Download the 2012 State of the Media Report! (Plus Bonus Interview)

Released today, the Vocus 2012 State of the Media Report paints a picture of rapid change in the media industry.

And unlike in previous years, it’s change for the better. Forward-thinking outlets are reversing the trend of decline through new ways of delivering content. Newspapers are figuring out  paywalls. Magazines are going tablet-first. TV news networks are doing innovative things with the Web and radio stations are squaring up to music-streaming services.

Download the State of the Media Report here!

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In part one of a week-long series of interviews with the experts behind the report, here’s David Coates, the Vocus Research Team’s newspaper expert with a rundown of 2012′s key trends in newspapers.

There’s more where that came from – click the image on the left to download your free copy of the full 2012 State of the Media Report.

This Wednesday is your chance to join David Coates and the team for the Vocus State of the Media Webinar, a panel discussion hosted by the experts behind the report. The full report is 18 pages long, so if you prefer a quick (read 60-minute) hit of all the media industry insight you need for 2012, the webinar is the way to go. You’ll also get the chance to ask the team your questions about anything contained in the report. Register here for the webinar – we hope to see you there.

Tomorrow’s State of the Media interview on the Vocus Blog is with magazine expert Rebecca Bredholt.