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This is a guest post from Kristen Sala – Senior Manager, Electronic Media – at Cision.

Have an awesome product just waiting to be reviewed? There’s a blogger out there just waiting to review it. Using Cision’s media database, we’ve compiled 50 independent blogs in North America that are open to reviewing products and ranked them based on our Cision Influence Rating. While you’ll find that many of the blogs on this list accept products with an emphasis on parenting and family, other blogs run the gamut from scooters to smart phones; from external hard drives to eye shadow. They’ve got your PR needs covered, provided you take heed of their pitching preferences and pay attention to their terms and conditions.

Outlet Influence Rating
1 Mama B Blog 82
2 Computer Audiophile 76
3 JDaniel4’s Mom 75
4 everythingiCafe 75
5 Sassy Mama in L.A. 75
6 My Little Review Corner 73
7 Leslie Loves Veggies 71
8 Baby Loving Mama 69
9 Kat’s Confessions 69
10 Simply Being Mommy 68
11 2 Wired 2 Tired 67
12 Mommy PR 67
13 A Wrestling Addicted Mommy 67
14 xsparkage 66
15 A Mom’s Impression 66
16 The Detroit Bureau 65
17 Sammi’s Blog Of Life 65
18 Nibble Me This 65
19 Still Blonde after all these Years! 64
20 The Neat Things In Life 63
21 Beauty Junkies Unite 62
22 Makobi Scribe 62
23 Nina Says 61
24 Ascending Butterfly 61
25 61
26 Mommy B Knows Best 61
27 The Dirty t Shirt 60
28 Deals4Dummies 60
29 Mommygaga 60
30 Thanks, Mail Carrier 60
31 Mom Foodie 59
32 Mommy Living the Life of Riley! 59
33 The Sony Blog 59
34 Sweet T Makes Three 59
35 The Shopping Mama 58
36 Sugar Pop Ribbons Reviews & Giveaways 58
37 The Prissy Mommy Reviews & Giveaways 58
38 The Review Broads 57
39 Bikeland 57
40 New Age Mama 57
41 Gina’s Kokopelli 57
42 Being Alison 57
43 parenting BY dummies 57
44 The Good Stuff Guide 56
45 My Sentiment ExactLee 56
46 The Mom Buzz 56
47 Susan Heim on Parenting 56
48 Quirky Momma 56
49 Laughing Lindsay 56
50 Our Ordinary Life 56

Know of a great Product Review blog that didn’t make the list? Let us know!


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      ypistorio says:

      Hey Jen!

      Thanks for letting us know…I'll send on the info to our Research team and have your profile updated 🙂

      ypistorio says:

      No problem! I'll forward this on to our research team and make sure your profile is updated.

      ypistorio says:

      Hey Christine,

      It's easy, you just need to be listed in Cision's media database. I can send this on to our Research team and have them add your blog if you'd like?

      ypistorio says:

      Hey Pattie! I wish we could include all blogs…it's tough to cut off a list at just 50!

      ypistorio says:

      Hey Valerie! Your blog just needs to be in Cision's media database to be included in the list. We used our Cision Influence Rating for this particular list. I'll send your blog onto our Research team to be added to our database if you'd like?

      ypistorio says:

      Hey Kevin, to be added to the you just need to be in Cision's media database. I'll pass your info on to our Research team to get your blog added.

      Lisa M Larranaga says:

      Hi Mitch!

      We'd love to get you added to our media database. We'll look into it & if it's a fit, add you! Thank you!

      Lisa M Larranaga says:

      Hi Linsey! Thank you for your interest 🙂 We will certainly add. I've sent it to our research team. Thank you! Best, Lisa

      linseyknerl says:

      Thanks, Lisa. I have already seen some amazing PR come out of this article mention. Keep up the great work!

    Robyn Wright of says:

    Good list of review bloggers. Remember that quantity of reviews does not always equal quality though (not referencing any one in particular)

      Lisa M Larranaga says:

      HI Angel,

      Thank you for your interest! We're review your blog and alert you via email when it has been added. Thank you again!


    dadsjustknow says:

    My blog never made this list, I assume its because its too awesome, just kidding! My blog is very new however I have already grown a little audience I really am hoping to grow much larger however and if anyone could help by following I will be hosting giveaways and such. I will have too meet client requests at 5000 followers, head over to and follow me 🙂

    tiffanyhren says:

    I would love to have my blog on this list! I have been a blogger for awhile now and have done reviews with Ryobi ($600.00 power washer, $200.00 Trimmer, $100.00 Tiller,ect.) $500.00 Bounce castles, clothes, ect. I have worked with some pretty big companies as well as smaller companies and my product reviews bring TONS of sales to the company I am reviewing for. Can you email me or let me know how to get on this list. Here is a link to my blog
    and my email is
    Thank you so very much!

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