Back to the basics! We’ve chatted a bit already on how to create your Facebook brand page and add apps that attract new fans and drive engagement. Now, let’s talk a bit about best practices when posting to Facebook as your brand:

1)      Pay attention to the dimensions of the images you upload. A blurry pic serves your brand no good. Here’s a cheat sheet with the dimensions to keep handy:

  1. Timeline cover image: 851 x 315
  2. Profile image: 160 x 160
  3. Custom App thumbnails: 111 x 74

PRWeb cover on Facebook

2)      Write a great “About” section. Though Facebook now specializes in visual first impressions through the timeline cover images on Facebook, people who want to know more about your brand before liking it may turn to the “about” section. Drop the formal boilerplate and explain in layman’s terms what your company does, add a map so local customers can find you and list links to your presences online. The Facebook template gives you plenty of space to talk about your brand mission, history, awards and products.

About PRWeb on Facebook

3)      Choose thumbnails when sharing links. Text only is so 1999. Use the right and left arrows to choose a thumbnail image from the webpage you’re sharing links from to make your content more click-friendly.

PRWeb thumbnails with links on Facebook

4)      Don’t just link to your content, visualize it! Links with thumbnails are great, but what we’re seeing is that uploading actual screenshots of your website and blogs are getting more traction.

PRWeb visual blog on Facebook

5)      All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Leave the business-speak at the door and take time to make posts that don’t always have to do with your biz: talk about weekend plans, share a funny picture or experience. The human factor is what keeps customers and prospects on brand pages.

PRWeb fun on Facebook

6)      Engage. If someone likes something you post, thank them for it publicly by posting a comment below and tagging their name in it so they get a notification from your page. If someone starts a conversation, be sure to join in or at least thank them for commenting. Search your fans pages for cool content and share it on your page (with credit) – they’ll appreciate the love. If you don’t have any fans yet, start by “liking” pages that are related to your industry. For example, PRWeb likes SEOMoz and Fox Small Business. We often share content from their pages to build a brand connection.

PRWeb engagement

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About Annemaria Nicholson

Annemaria Nicholson is the North American Director of Content Marketing and Social Media at Cision. She drives go-to-market content, blog and social strategy for multiple brands and loves to experiment with interactive and multimedia content to better engage and inspire audiences. Her innovative content programs helped Cision place as a finalist at the 2016 Content Marketing Institute Awards and turned the marketing department from a cost center into a revenue center. As a direct result of her content strategy, the business was able to move the needle on key business KPIs.

As Head of Content, Annemaria has a strong track record of creating high quality multimedia content, blog posts, tip sheets, videos, instructional content, case studies and more to create great customer experiences. She revolutionized Cision’s outbound promotion efforts to amplify its inbound lead generation results by creating a multichannel program that promotes content via additional, complementary and unique content to drive discoverability, search rank, audience awareness, credibility, and ultimately more leads and revenue for the business.