E-learning Through #cmworld Tweets

One of the great things about the Internet is that if you can’t physically be somewhere, you can still attend virtually. I had this experience during Social Media Week last year when I attended a New York panel via livestream and again this week when those tweeting from Content Marketing World gave me the ability to learn alongside them, even though I was sitting at my desk in Chicago.

As I watched the #cmworld tweets roll in, I saw so many big thoughts and smart ideas that I decided to take notes. I have shared my notes with you here, in the form of tweets from attendees.



In addition to tweets, Lee Odden also shared his presentation on optimizing and socializing for better content marketing.

Continuing education is important in every field but with the fast pace of social media, PR and marketing, it’s even more crucial to keep up on new trends and ideas, whether you do so via the web or in-person at a conference.

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