"Robot Boyfriend" courtesy of Teresa Dankowski

“Robot Boyfriend” courtesy of Teresa Dankowski

Valentine’s Day—it’s the glittery, candlelit, flowery beacon that blips on the PR and marketing radar in the dead of winter. If you’re in the industry, it’s never too early to talk about the holiest of Hallmark holidays.

But, in the spirit of candy hearts, have you thought of how you might go about asking a blogger to “Be Mine”? Have you planned a Valentine’s campaign that will get a journalist to heed a “Call Me”?

Try Seek Or Shout, our free social networking site for communicators looking to connect and collaborate on stories. If you’ve got a lovelorn client to requite—a hotel, restaurant, spa, relationship expert, florist, jeweler, confectioner—promote your product or service with a Shout. Find media coverage by pitching users who match your Interests, or replying to the many content-creators who Seek your affections this Valentine’s Day…


Reply to this Seek here.






Reply to this Seek here.


Not a member? Sign up for Seek Or Shout. And if you need help getting started, don’t hesitate to ask your Community Manager, slash, Cupid-In-Residence.


About Teresa Dankowski

Teresa Dankowski is a content marketing manager at Cision and covers best practices in marketing, PR and social media. She enjoys printmaking, wine, TV and dominating at rec league softball.