The HARO Limelight Series (HLS)- Judy Frankel, Source

Welcome to the HARO Limelight Series (HLS), where we will highlight either a reporter or source who has had success(es) with our service each week.

Our purpose with this series is to educate readers on how to more effectively pitch reporters and garner media hits.

We hope you find this series useful. Please leave any comments or questions below!

In this HLS, we interviewed Judy Frankel, the PR and Communications Manager at the Greater Madison Convention and Visitors Bureau (GMCVB).

1. Please give the BloggingPRWeb readers a little background information about yourself/your business.

I am the PR and Communications Manager at the Greater Madison Convention & Visitors Bureau(GMCVB) in Madison, Wisconsin. I am a former reporter who recently segued into public relations. The GMCVB, now in its 40th year, is the greater Madison area’s official destination marketing organization. The GMCVB is responsible for attracting new destination events to the community, as well as providing service and support to existing and repeat events, and providing comprehensive information to visitors to the area.

2. How did you first hear about HARO and why did you decide to sign up?

I knew about HARO from my time as a reporter.

3. How has HARO changed the way you market yourself/your business?

I read my HARO emails as soon as they arrive in my inbox. I use HARO opportunities to augment the outreach to media that I do.

4. How many times have you secured media placements through HARO?

Just once so far but I do pitch regularly.

5. From your experience with getting media placements, what are some tips/pointers you can give to people looking to pitch themselves or their businesses to the media?

Create a well-thought out pitch that is relevant to the posting. Don’t be off-topic or tangential to the pitch. Be timely and respond quickly. Provide concrete explanations as to why you are the best go-to source and then make sure you include all your own pertinent contact information.

6. What are some no-nos when pitching the media?

Do what you say you will do. Never over-promise. Be knowledgeable of the medium in which you are pitching—ie: long lead time for a magazine feature, short turnaround time for a broadcast opportunity. Know your material and be ready to answer questions and provide additional information immediately if you are asked. Do your homework and be prepared. Being the “source” implies some extra level of knowledge about something so speak accurately and confidently.


If you’d like to be featured in the HARO Limelight series as a member of the media or a source, email: laura(at)helpareporter(dot)com.