Top 100 Social Media, Internet Marketing & SEO Blogs for 2013

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This is a guest post by Beth Blanchard, manager, electronic media, and Stone Hansard, supervisor, internet media.

Ever since Jay Krall compiled the inaugural list in 2009, our top 100 social media and internet marketing posts have been among CisionBlog’s most discussed, shared and trafficked content. Along the way, we’ve made some changes, from Valerie Lopez’s introduction of Compete metrics in 2010, to the addition of SEO as a topic for consideration the following year. Much like the social Web itself, our lists are constantly evolving, and this year is no different. Rather than ranking by traditional metrics, we’re using our new in-house UVPM measurement, Cision Digital Reach.

Given the social nature of this list, the change is quite fitting. Cision calculates Digital Reach by aggregating the number of quarterly shares a website attracts on Facebook and Twitter, then multiplying this sample by an average number of visits per share. This new method better reflects the way real Web users view and share content. Increasingly, the traditional concept of “reach” in media measurement is intertwined with online sharing activity, and no longer based solely on website traffic.

To create the list, we mined Cision’s media database and found nearly 700 blogs in the U.S. and Canada covering social media, online marketing or SEO. From there, we winnowed it down to blogs that primarily focus on these topics. Finally, we ranked the blogs based on both Digital Reach and inbound links. Without further ado, here are the results:

Rank Blog
1 Matt Cutts
2 Seth’s Blog
3 Search Engine Land
4 AllFacebook
5 copyblogger
6 Social Media Examiner
7 SEOmoz Blog
9 Social Media Today
10 HubSpot Internet Marketing Blog
11 Inside Facebook
12 SocialTimes
13 ShoeMoney
14 Scobleizer
16 Search Engine Journal
17 Search Engine Roundtable
18 Online Marketing Blog
19 Socialnomics
20 Convince & Convert
21 John Battelle’s Searchblog
22 ShareThis Blog
23 Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang
24 AllTwitter
25 SEO
26 The Marketing Technology Blog
27 John Chow Dot Com
28 Social Media Explorer
29 Personal Branding Blog
30 Anil Dash’s Blog
31 apophenia
32 Social Fresh
33 Beth’s Blog
34 The Social Media Marketing Blog
35 Six Pixels of Separation – The Blog
36 Mari Smith
37 Soshable
38 Lost Remote
39 Successful Blog
40 Sprout Insights
41 Spin Sucks
42 Empowered
43 The BrandBuilder Blog
44 Socialbrite
45 Seo by the Sea
46 Social Media B2B
47 Danny Brown
49 Logic + Emotion
50 PR Squared
51 Zac Johnson
53 Stowe Boyd
54 Blogtrepreneur
55 Blogging 4 Jobs
58 The Sales Lion
59 SocialMouths
60 MarketingProfs Daily Fix
61 Graywolf’s SEO Blog
62 UnMarketing
63 Lorelle on WordPress
64 Being Peter Kim
65 John Haydon
66 Social Barrel
67 Social Business Blog
68 SociableBlog
69 Outspoken Media
70 The Future Buzz
71 The Real Time Report
72 Peter Shankman
74 Search Engine Optimization Journal
75 Matt Bacak On Internet Marketing & Life
78 Michelle Blanc
79 Storyful.
80 ClickNewz!
81 SocialText Blog
82 Likeable Media Blog
83 aimClear Blog
86 Creativity_Unbound
87 Smedio
89 Social Marketing Fella
90 Build A Better Blog
91 NowSourcing
92 PRBreakfastClub
93 Webbiquity
94 Geoff Livingston
95 Blueliner Blog
96 Blind Five Year Old
97 SheGeeks
98 A Relationship Economy
99 SMUG – Social Media University, Global Blog
100 Local SEO Guide

Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this list mistakenly included a Germany-based blog.

Disclaimer: A question we’ve addressed often on this blog and in many of our free Cision Webinars, with all the metrics available for determining influence on the social Web, how can you determine which blogs really matter? As Jay noted in his original post, influence is subjective by nature and we’ve read a lot of great posts by bloggers who didn’t make the list. Some of them wield more influence in social media education endeavors outside of their blogs, such as conferences, Webinars, podcasts and white papers.

Know of an amazing blogger who didn’t make the list? Let us know!

  • No Search Engine Watch? No Clickz? Sorry, but those are HUUUUGGGGGEEEE misses from this list.

    • Stone Hansard

      Hi Simon! We agree that Search Engine Watch and ClickZ are major players in the field. Through our research, we determined that these sites are more accurately described as internet magazines – web publications editorially structured similarly to print magazines – rather than blogs.

      • Hey Stone, if SEW & ClickZ are internet magazines, then doesn't Search Engine Land fit that model too? Just a thought 🙂

  • douglaskarr

    Thanks so much for the recognition!

    • TeresaDankowski

      Congratulations, Douglas!

  • itsmikemags1

    How'd you miss Jon Loomer?

    • Stone Hansard

      Hi itsmikemags1, thanks for alerting us to Jon Loomer's blog! Looks like an excellent resource for Facebook marketing. It missed the list this time because it was not listed in our media database, but it will certainly be considered for future lists.

  • Wait a second, are these dofollow blogs or nofollow blogs?

    • brandon_chicago

      I'm assuming you're talking about their comment sections. If that's the case, most, if not all, of them are nofollow.

  • It would be interesting to find out how many of these famous blogs have "Nofollow" attributes. May be all of them? I have not checked on each and everyone of these blogs but the ones I know are all nofollow. This means these blogs are useless for backlinking purposes as they do not want to share what we love to call "link juice"? Even this website we're commenting on is nofollow.

    • brandon_chicago

      Nofollow comment sections are a standard now to deter people from comment spamming. However, developing real relationships with bloggers and influencers can result in them linking to your websites organically, which will pass all of the "link juice".

  • Thanks for providing a list of the most interesting blogs on the internet!

  • I see Matt Cutts is at the top of the list. That makes sense. Brian Solis is a little farther down than I thought would be the case. I have set a new blogging goal for myself… to one day soon make the cut too.

  • Thanks for this huge list of SEO Blogs. I'll be going through all these site…..!

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  • Great list..but you must consider adding . This blog is a great resource for learning seo, social media marketing and internet marketing.

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      Thank you for the suggestion! We will look into it & add it to our reading list 🙂


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  • Its really a nice resource for learning internet marketing strategies.. Thank you for the suggestion!

  • Matt Cutts is about the best one of all for whats going on with Google

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  • Decent list, I popped open about 30 of these and quite a few of these blogs appear to be in the political or financial niches. Hoping one day our blog will be up there:

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      Thank you for sharing, Paul!

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  • Such a nice resource for those who wants to learn internet marketing. My top favorite blogs are on that list. Thanks for sharing this top 100 blogs

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  • As we can see, Matt Cutts is again on top :)…Expected :)…Other blogs are also important for every SEO person because they can learn lot of things from these top 100 sites.

  • As we can see, Matt Cutts is again on top :)…Expected :)…Other blogs are also important for every SEO person because they can learn lot of things from these top 100 sites.

  • As we can see, Matt Cutts is again on top :)…Expected :)…Other blogs are also important for every SEO person because they can learn lot of things from these top 100 sites.

  • As expected Matt Cutts again toped the list for the year, that is so amazing.

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