Five Rules for Better Content Curation

Five Rules for Better Content CurationContent curation is the practice of sharing third-party blogs, infographics, reports and more to enhance your own brand.

Curation enables you to share high-quality content in less time, establishes you as a credible source of news and information, and publicly associates you with the experts in your field.

To maximize your impact, choose your content strategically and follow these best practices for sharing.

1) Share Judiciously

Don’t share, post or retweet content without vetting it first. Will the content serve your stakeholders with quality information or entertainment? This is more time-consuming but quality is more important than frequency in curation. Sharing irrelevant or low-quality content turns readers away and harms your brand.

2) Be Balanced and Consistent

Create a publication schedule you can keep up with, and then stick to it. Regularity and consistency will keep your viewers coming back for more, and help expand your readership to new users.

3) Attribute

Always provide links back to your sources, and credit the creator of any material you share. Attribution builds relationships with content producers and establishes credibility for your brand.

4) Use Multiple Platforms

Different platforms offer different opportunities for curation. Explore all of them to determine the best way to reach and engage your customers. Good platforms to start with include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Storify and Tumblr.

5) Engage with Content Producers

Go beyond curation to offer your own opinion on people’s content. This helps build your reputation as an industry expert. It also builds relationships that will get your own content shared in the future.

Follow the content curation practices outlined above to establish your company as a quality source of information and thought leader in your industry.

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