Top 50 Auto Blogs

Guest post by manager of electronic media Beth Blanchard and supervisor of Internet media Stone Hansard.

Image courtesy of Axion23 via Flickr

Image courtesy of Axion23 via Flickr

With the Internet at our fingertips, the old ritual of test driving a few car models doesn’t pass for a fully informed purchasing decision. Automotive enthusiasts on the web have exhaustively mined niche topics, from engine repair and auto aftermarkets to vintage motorcycles and the burgeoning eco-friendly scene, resulting in a treasure trove of valuable information for casual consumers and motor junkies alike. This week’s list looks at the top 50 North American automotive blogs, ranked by user views per month and inbound links, using data from Cision’s media database. Which one takes pole position? Find out below!

Rank Outlet
1 Autoblog
2 Jalopnik
3 TopSpeed
5 The Truth About Car
6 eGMCarTech
7 Wheels
9 Hemmings Auto Blogs
10 GM FastLane Blog
11 Autoblog Spanish
12 Cartype
13 The Detroit Bureau
14 BMW Blog
15 AutomoBlog
16 Green Car Congress
17 GM-Volt
18 Car and Driver Blog
19 Asphalt & Rubber
20 KickingTires
21 The Automotive Addicts
22 RideLust
23 Motorcycles Blog
25 Car Lust
27 Cyril Huze Post
28 Autoblog Canada
29 The Torque Report
30 The Sidecar
31 Road Warrior
32 The Official TrueCar Blog
33 Motor Trend Blog
34 Good Car Bad Car
36 National Motorists Association Blog
37 eBay Motors Blog
38 Autosavant
39 The GarageBlog
40 The Safe Driver
41 Auto Repair
42 Biker Law Blog
43 The Chicane
44 Belt Drive Betty’s Blog
45 Clean Fleet Report
46 Hydrogen Cars and Vehicles
47 AutoTribute
48 Wildsau
49 Hot Rod Blog
50 The Weekly Driver

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