Top 25 Healthcare Blogs

Guest post by supervisor of Internet media Stone Hansard.


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With the federal government on hold largely because of opposition to President Obama’s controversial Affordable Care Act, the timing of this list seems especially prescient.

Despite the shutdown, the ACA implementation continues, and there are plenty of questions by the insured and uninsured alike. With that in mind, this top 25 healthcare blogs list focuses on blogs putting U.S. federal healthcare policy—especially health insurance policy—under the microscope, using a voice and perspective that is approachable for the general public.

Rankings are determined using a combination of user views per month and inbound links, using data from Cision’s media database.


Overall Rank Outlet
1 The Health Care Blog
3 Health Care Renewal
4 Health Affairs Blog
5 blog
6 The Doctor Weighs In
7 Health Train Express
8 Health Commentary
9 Health Populi
10 Healthcare Economist
11 Healthwatch
12 Patient POV
13 Health Access Weblog
14 Managed Care Matters
15 Policy and Medicine
16 Health Care Policy and Marketplace Review
17 InsureBlog
18 Health Business Blog
19 Commonwealth Fund Blog
20 Vital Signs
21 The Patient Advocate
22 Repairing the Healthcare System
23 Bruce Japsen
24 Health Law Prof Blog
25 Healthcare Reform Blog

  • @Damjan_Denoble

    Cision folks, how about a little love for Health Intel Asia, formerly the Asia Healthcare Blog. We are in your database, we just changed names and that had some negative repercussions on our page rank numbers. Keep us in mind for next time!

    • Lisa M Larranaga

      Certainly! Thank you for the note!


  • @glevin1

    Thanks for your recogntition of our work. Our mission is to enlighten and educate our readers

    • Lisa M Larranaga

      You're welcome! Thank you for stopping by :)