Top 50 New Product Review Blogs

Product ReviewThis guest post is by supervisor of Internet media Stone Hansard.

The holiday season is quickly approaching, so we take a look at the Top 50 New Product Review Blogs found in Cision’s media database, ranked by Cision Digital Reach and inbound links.

Some have a specific focus (say, smartphone apps) while others are general purpose, and several include holiday gift guides. These sites aren’t one-trick ponies: in addition to product reviews, many feature recipes, giveaways, DIY craft ideas and more.

So even if you’re not looking for a gift, you may find some inspiration to impress your loved ones this year.

Bonus: product review blogs are notoriously PR-friendly!

Rank Hyperlink URL
1 Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog
2 The Mommyhood Chronicles
3 Mom and More
4 The Awesomer
5 Incredible Things
6 Mom Does Reviews
7 The Daily App Show
8 Eighty MPH Mom
9 Mommy PR
10 A Nut in a Nutshell
11 The Shopping Mama
12 Bike Rumor
13 everythingiCafe
14 Outnumbered 3 to 1
15 Shop with Me Mama
16 Makobi Scribe
17 Cool Mom Tech
18 Mary’s Cup of Tea
19 The Mommy Files
21 Gizmo Watch
22 Dear Crissy
23 Confessions of an Overworked Mom
24 MiscFinds4u
26 Making Time For Mommy
27 Sweet T Makes Three
28 Real Mom Reviews
29 Frugality for LESS
30 The Mom Buzz
31 Budget Earth
32 Groovy Post
33 MomStart
34 Barbara’s Beat
35 The Divine Miss Mommy
36 New Age Mama
37 The Not-So-Blog
38 Robyn’s Online World
39 Mom Spark
40 OurKidsMom
41 As Mom Sees It
42 The Review Wire
43 The UberReview
44 Thanks, Mail Carrier
45 Crunchy Beach Mama
46 Sweep Tight
47 Our Ordinary Life
48 Long Wait For Isabella… and Nathanael!
49 The WiC Project
50 Bullock’s Buzz

  • Thanks to #JoanStewart for turning me on to this list. May I add a few to your list? __The Compulsive Reader run by literary smartie #Magdalena Ball ( run by Brenda Weeaks and for which I write a Back to Literature column ( The New Book Review blog which is a bit different. I try to extend the usefulness of authors' and reviewers' favorite reviews and encourages readers to submit as well. Submission guidelines are in the left column.

    • Lisa M Larranaga

      Thank you for your input! It is much appreciated, and we'll be sure to look into the blogs you mention!

    • Hey, Carolyn Howard Johnson, I'm so glad my tip helped you! And thanks for adding your own favorites! I'll be sure to share them with my Publicity Hounds.

  • Thanks for including my blog on the list!

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      You're welcome! Congrats 🙂

  • Don't forget us! 😉

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  • Just found this list! Thank you for including me! 🙂

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      You're welcome! A belated congrats 🙂

  • Someone sent me this and I didn't even know I was on it! Thanks so much. This is Mary from Mary's Cup of Tea. I feel very honored to have met your list. Thanks again!

    • Lisa M Larranaga

      A belated congrats!

  • I just stumbled onto this list today…grateful to be listed, Thank You! The Review Wire #top50

    • Lisa M Larranaga

      You're very welcome! A belated congrats 🙂

  • AsMomSeesIt

    What an honor to be named to this list – thank you!

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