Top 50 U.S. Mom Bloggers

Internet Media Research Supervisor Stone Hansard and Internet Media Researcher Brandon Harrod contributed to this post.

Mother’s Day is May 11! To celebrate moms everywhere (and assist with last-minute campaigns), Cision has compiled a list of the top 50 U.S. mom bloggers. Defining influence is tricky business no matter how you look at it, so I chose three concrete metrics as the basis for my list: Cision Digital Reach, Twitter followers and inbound links. Using Cision’s media database, I was able to find over 2,000 U.S. contacts covering motherhood or parenting, and from there, I winnowed it down to mom bloggers with data for my established criteria. Finally, I ranked the blogs by each metric and took the average of those ranks to calculate an overall rating. Congrats to the top bloggers!

  1. LaDonna DennisMom Blog Society
  2. Liz GumbinnerCool Mom Picks
  3. Scarlet PaolicchiFamily Focus Blog
  4. Jacinda Boneau & Jaime Morrison CurtisPretty Prudent
  5. Jenn WordenJenn’s Blah Blah Blog
  6. Lenore Skenazy – Free Range Kids
  7. Lisa Leake100 Days of Real Food
  8. Janel CA Mom’s Take
  9. Leah SegedieMamavation
  10. Kristen HowertonRage Against the Minivan
  11. Nicole Feliciano – MomTrends
  12. Heather ArmstrongDooce
  13. Melissa WeintraubThe Mommyhood Chronicles
  14. Cher KachelmussMom and More
  15. Lisa Weidknecht – Planet Weidknecht
  16. Pamela MaynardMom Does Reviews
  17. Kate Marsh LordThe Shopping Mama
  18. Louise BishopMomStart
  19. Liz MaysA Nut in a Nutshell
  20. Colleen Shibley – Shibley Smiles
  21. Vera SweeneyLady and the Blog
  22. Anna FaderMommy Poppins
  23. Jennifer GervensSweet T Makes Three
  24. Kimberly VetranoShe Scribes
  25. Crissy PageDear Crissy
  26. Nicole EtolenPretty Opinionated
  27. Gabrielle BlairDesign Mom
  28. Jennifer ReganEighty MPH Mom
  29. Sadie LankfordSlap Dash Mom
  30. Heather SmithOurKidsMom
  31. Angela RoyMommy PR
  32. Kelle HamptonEnjoying the Small Things
  33. Shannon GosneyThe Mommy Files
  34. Alicia PeifferMaking Time For Mommy
  35. Valerie GrayMom Knows It All
  36. Holly DuceMommies With Cents
  37. Leticia BarrTech Savvy Mama
  38. Bridgette DuplantisThe Not-So-Blog’s Experimental Mommy
  39. Kim DelatorreShop With Me Mama
  40. Chrissy TaylorThe Taylor House
  41. Melissa WillmsOutnumbered 3 to 1
  42. Kristin Lesney-RuizOur Ordinary Life
  43. LaurenCrazy About My Baybah
  44. Janessa SolemThrifty Nifty Mom
  45. Trisha Novotny24/7 MOMS
  46. Jen DotsonThrifty NW Mom
  47. Beth FeldmanRole Mommy
  48. Virginia HigginsThat Bald Chick
  49. Danielle Simmons – Simmworks Family Blog
  50. Kat BouskaMama’s Losin’ It

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  • Thank you so much for including me and my blog! What a wonderful list of bloggers 🙂

  • Mel

    I’m honored to be on this list. Thank you!

  • Congrats to all! I recognize many of these mom bloggers so they deserve it! 🙂

  • Thank you so much for including me! What a wonderful surprise!!

  • Rhonda K

    Congrats all!!! Oh and I LOVE Mom Does Reviews!!!!

  • Lots of my fave bloggy buddies and smart ladies on this list!

  • Thank you for the list; however, I’m disappointed in the lack of diversity. I know of many Hispanic, and African American, mom bloggers who have great reach, numbers and incredible influence. Hopefully, in the future they will be better represented in your lists.

    • Beth Blanchard

      Hi Migdalia,
      Thanks for your feedback. As I stated in the post, influence is hard to define and somewhat subjective by nature. However, this ranking is purely numbers-based and inclusion is dependent upon being listed in our database. If you know of any great bloggers who you think should have made the list, please email us at

  • I am so humbled and honored to be on this list! Thank you!

  • Thank you!

  • Thanks for the inclusion. Happy Mother’s Day!

  • Thank you so much for including Eighty MPH Mom on this list, and congrats to all on the list!

  • Honored to be able to call a good segment of this list friends… Happy Mother’s Day to all.

  • Katie M

    No offense to the select FEW on this list that are great women and bloggers, but Cision gets this list wrong year after year. You’ve included some of the largest scam artists, copycats, and bloggers that can’t even SPELL! One of these women has been stealing thousands of dollars from other bloggers. Another hasn’t even blogged in over a year! This list is totally off and I hope no one actually takes this seriously. The other lists of mom bloggers were a total joke, so I hoped this year would be different… nope. Really disappointing to see Cision isn’t even trying to get it right. These are NOT the top bloggers and you’re way off… sorry.

    • Beth Blanchard

      Hi Katie,
      We appreciate your feedback. While our research team has reviewed each blog individually – in addition to using a numbers-based methodology for the ranking – we are available via if you have specific feedback on the list. Thank you!

  • So surprised to find my name on this list with so many awesome bloggers! Made my day! Thank you!

  • Mel

    Thank you so much for including me on the list. I am very honored!

  • What an awesome honor to each of these blogs!! I agree wholeheartedly! Congratulations everyone!!

  • Awesome list of fabulous mom bloggers. Lots of great reading here!

  • Congrats to all of these bloggers, so glad that I know so many of you IRL!

  • Is there an updated list for 2015?

    • Not yet, but that’s a great idea!

      • Sadie

        I just came here to ask the same thing! 🙂 I appreciate you including mine (slap dash mom) in 2014’s edition.

    • Should be. Oh, linking this article into mine. Enjoy!

  • beautybrite

    How do you get listed here?

  • How are you tracking blogs that buy twitter followers, likes, and fans? This seems to be a trend among many blogs lately.

    • Hey Ronda. Great question! We rely on the honor system and don’t differentiate between genuine followers and likes for the blogs. However, we completely understand that some blogs will buy followers, likes and fans. That’s why rely on Digital Reach, as well. It is less likely to be affected by bought followers because it relies on share counts from multiple social media platforms.

  • Hollywood Mom Blog

    Who cultivated this list?

    • Beth Blanchard

      Hi! Members of our Internet research team helped compile the list, using Cision’s proprietary database as the baseline. From there, we ranked according to reach and Twitter followers. There’s a bit more info in the post, but hope that helps!

  • What an incredible resource! These moms are obviously Queens of the blogging game and I’m eager to learn from them. Thanks so much!

  • Martina McConnon

    I entered my info to download this report, and the page that opens is empty – any advice?

  • Jasmine Sharma

    Thanks for sharing such a valuable list of bloggers.

  • I should say bravo like in a single word. This updated list is really helpful for getting all the bloggers altogether. Basically, I am owner of “Namaste UI” and follow some of blogger that you have mentioned in the list.

    Things like, this surely motivate all the new bloggers who are getting hike among the blogger’s platform. It would be really good if regular basis update stays constantly in this list. Thanks a lot.

    Sourav Basak [Blogger, Entrepreneur, Thinker]

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